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[John Freeth and the Birmingham Book Club]. Birmingham Men of the Last Century.
[John Freeth and the Birmingham Book Club]. Birmingham Men of the Last Century. From a fine Picture in the possession of Dugdale Houghton Esquire.
Painted by John Eckstein. W. Underwood Lith.
Published by T. Underwood, Castle St., Birmingham,
Tinted lithograph. Printed area 180 x 205mm (7 x 8"), with large margins.
A meeting of the Birmingham Book Club, at the Leicester Arms, a coffee house run by John Freeth (1731-1808), who was also a poet and songwriter under the pseudonym John Free. A book club and debating society, its members included Radicals, supporters of John Wilkes and Unitarians, causing its opponents to call it the Jacobin Club. It existed until at least 1964.
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W.H. Phillips [facsimile signature]
W.H. Phillips [facsimile signature] Inventor of the Fire Annihilator.
Alfred Tidey, Pinx.t. William Underwood, Litho. Printed by Hullmandel & Walton.
Published June 10th 1852, by J.L. Grundy, 130, Regent St.
Lithograph on india with back-sheet printed with title; extremely rare. Sheet 470 x 350mm (18½ x 13¾"). Some spotting, corner creased.
Half-length portrait of William Henry Phillips, whose 'Patent portable fire annihilator, for extinguishing fire by gases and vapour, affording a means of saving life and property when water may be unavailing' was exhibited at the Great Exhibition of 1851, winning a prize. This was a device that used a chemical reaction to produce a cloud of carbon dioxide to smother a fire. A motion was presented to Parliament that every government vessel should have an Annihilator. However the Fire Annihilator Works, at Battersea Fields, burned to the ground in 1852, and the business failed. P.T. Barnum invested in the company that bought the American patent, but after some unsatisfactory trials, that company also closed, although the Great American Showman still believed the invention was a valuable one, writing about it in his autobiography.
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