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Christophe Colomb.
Christophe Colomb.
Maréchal, pinx. C. Nanteuil, lith.
Imp. Bertauts, r. Cadet. Marchant, Edit. Alliance des Arts, R. de Rivoli, 140. [n.d. c.1850.]
Lithograph. 227 x 280mm. 9 x 11".
During Columbus's stint as governor and viceroy, he had been accused of governing tyrannically. Columbus was physically and mentally exhausted; his body was wracked by arthritis and his eyes by ophthalmia. In October 1499, he sent two ships to Spain, asking the Court of Spain to appoint a royal commissioner to help him govern. The Court appointed Francisco de Bobadilla, a member of the Order of Calatrava; however, his authority stretched far beyond what Columbus had requested. Bobadilla was given total control as governor from 1500 until his death in 1502. Arriving in Santo Domingo while Columbus was away, Bobadilla was immediately peppered with complaints about all three Columbus brothers: Christopher, Bartolomé, and Diego. On 1 October 1500, Columbus and his two brothers, likewise in chains, were sent back to Spain.
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[Cantonnier taking the umbrella and hat of a fallen man]
[Cantonnier taking the umbrella and hat of a fallen man] Mon bon ami un coup de main s'il vous plait! Excusez mon bourgeois, c'est pas not affaire [...]
Ch. Nanteuil Lith. de Lemercier, Benard & [c.1830]
Lithograph, sheet 240 x 300mm (9½ x 11¾"). Trimmed; glued to backing sheet; tear on right.
A man, having been run over by a train, asks for help in getting back up again. The man replies that helping him is none of his business but that in accordance with the sign nearby he is required to take the man's hat, umbrella and cane and dispatch them to a nearby office. Train in background. By Charles Nanteuil, French lithographer (1792-1865).
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[Pierre Séguier, Chancellor of France]
[Pierre Séguier, Chancellor of France] Petrus Seguier Fraciae Cancellarius [...]
[after Charles Le Brun?]
Engraving with accompanying letterpress sheet, each 470 x 350mm (18½ x 13¾"). Repaired tear to both sheets. Small margins.
Pierre Séguier (1588-1672), chancellor of France from 1635, and a bibliophile whose library was amongst the most valuable of its day. From 'Les Portraits des Hommes Illustres Francois qui sont Peints dans la Galerie du Palais Cardinal de Richelieu' (1660), which was dedicated to Séguier. The book reproduces the portraits of great men hanging in Richelieu's 'Galerie des hommes illustres' by Simon Vouet and Philippe de Champaigne.
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