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La Félicité Villageoise,
La Félicité Villageoise, Gravé d'après le Dessin de Freudeberg, Par Delignon. [&] La Gaieté Conjugale. Gravé d'après le Dessin de Freudeberg, Par de Launay.
Dessiné par S. Freudeberg. Gravé sous la Direction de N. De Launay, par J.L Délignon, son Eleve. [&] Dessiné par S. Freudeberg. Gravé par N. De Launay
à Paris chez De Launay Rue et Porte St Jacques No 112.
Pair of etchings; later issue. 330 x 365mm (13 x 14¼"). Extremely large margins.
Two oval scenes of domestic romance after Swiss artist Sigmund Freudenberger.
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Le Soldat en Semestre.
Le Soldat en Semestre. Dédié à Monsieur Rolland de Villarceaux Receveur Général des finances de la Généralité de Riom.
Freudeberg Inv et del 1770. Ingouf Junior Sculp 1777.
A Paris chés Buldet rue de Gesvres. Par son très Humble et très Obéissant Serviteur Buldet.
Rare engraving, 280 x 310mm. 11" x 12¼"
The soldier, returned from duty, regales his family with tales of military life. . After the painting by Swiss-born Sigmund Freudenberger (or Freudeberg) (1745 - 1801).
Provenance: Pemberton family of Trumpington Hall.
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Albrecht v. Haller.
Albrecht v. Haller.
S. Freudenberger pinx. Bern. I.F. Bause sculps. Lips. 1773.
zu Finden in Leipzig [Germany] beij Bause.
Engraving, image 250 x 175mm. 9¾ x 7". Trimmed to plate.
Portrait in oval frame of Baron Albrecht von Haller (Bern, 1708 1777), Swiss anatomist, physiologist, naturalist and poet. In 1736 he was called to the chair of medicine, anatomy, botany and surgery in the newly founded University of Göttingen. He became a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1743, a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1747, and was ennobled in 1749. The quantity of work achieved by Haller in the seventeen years during which he occupied his Göttingen professorship was immense. In 1776 the king of Sweden invested Haller with the North Star, which was added to Freudenberger's painting, but is missing in the engravings. After Sigmund Freudenberger (Swiss, 1745 - 1801).
Wellcome 1279-8.
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