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Mr. Iohn Broughton,
Mr. Iohn Broughton, Famous for his skill in the Athletic Art of Boxing, & Now one of his Majesty's Yeoman of the Guards.
Pubd. Novr. 18, 1787 by W. Richardson at his Ancient & Modern Print Warehouse No.174 Strand.
Mezzotint printed in brown ink, a 19th century impression from the reissued plate by Richardson. 330 x 220mm, 13 x 8¾".
Oval portrait of John ('Jack') Broughton (c.1703 - 1789), boxer. Broughton was a heavyweight boxing champion, the formulator of the first set of boxing rules, and the inventor of mufflers, the forerunners of modern boxing gloves. Originally a waterman on the River Thames, Broughton fought semi-professionally throughout the 1730s. His fights attracted large audiences, and he gained a sizable reputation. Broughton became England's third champion heavyweight boxer after beating George Taylor in 1734, and he held this title until 1750. He taught boxing and operated a boxing arena in Hanway Street, London, from 1742 until his death. The rules of boxing that he codified in 1743 remained in effect until 1838, when they were superseded by the London Prize Ring Rules. He was probably appointed as Yeoman of the Guards by 1743.
See Chaloner Smith: 11, II (Engraver not ascertained: Class II).
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Broughton, many years Champion of England.
Broughton, many years Champion of England.
Published by J. McGowan, G.t Windmill S.t [1826].
Stipple. Sheet 210 x 125mm (8¼ x 5"). Trimmed within plate, small tear in bottom edge.
Half-length portrait of John Broughton (1705-1789), possibly after John Ellys (1701-57). As a Thames Waterman, he fought a colleague so successfully he turned professional. He was patronised by the Duke of Cumberland, who procured him a place in the Yeomen of the Guard, but the relationship ended when Broughton lost a fight on which the Duke had wagered £1000. At his funeral his pall-bearers included the boxers Humphries, Mendoza, Big Ben, Ward, Ryan and Johnston. From John Badcock's 'The Fancy; or The True Sportsmanís Guide: Being Authentic Memoirs of the Lives, Actions, Prowess, and Battles of the Leading Pugilists, from the Days of Figg and Broughton, to the Championship of Ward. By an Operator'.
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Miss Fenton.
Miss Fenton. While Crowds attentive sit to Polly's Voice...
J. Ellys Pinx. J. Faber Fecit.
Printed for John Bowles at No. 13 in Cornhill. [n.d., but post 1768.]
Mezzotint. 355 x 255mm (14 x 10") with large margins.
Oval portrait of the actress Lavinia Fenton (1708-60), with verse praising her performance as the original Polly Peachum in John Gay's 'Beggar's Opera', January 1728. In April she ran off with Charles Powlett, 3rd Duke of Bolton; Gay wrote to Jonathan Swift: ''The Duke of Bolton, I hear, has run away with Polly Peachum, having settled £400 a year on her during pleasure, and upon disagreement £200 a year''. After waiting for the first duchess's death, Lavinia finally married him in 1751. Originally engraved in 1728, this example was printed after Bowles moved to 13 Cornhill in 1768.
CS 127, state ii of ii.
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The Honble: Henry Medley Esqr: Rear Admiral of the White Squadron of his Majesty's Fleet &c.
The Honble: Henry Medley Esqr: Rear Admiral of the White Squadron of his Majesty's Fleet &c.
John Ellys pinxt. John Faber fecit 1745.
Sold by J Faber in Bloomsbury Square, T. Bowles in St. Pauls Church Yard, & J Bowles in Cornhill.
Mezzotint. 350 x 248 Foxing. Cut. Creasing. Small nick to the bottom left-hand corner.
Henry Medley (1687-1747) naval officer and Commodore Governor of Newfoundland, died on board the Russell at Vado. Medley entered the Royal Navy in 1703 and was appointed Governor of Newfoundland in 1739 and served for two seasons. In 1744 he was promoted to Rear-admiral of the White, and a year later promoted to Vice-admiral and Commander-in-chief in the Mediterranean. In 1747 he was then promoted to Vice-admiral of the Red.
Parker: 601. C.S. 238. From the Collection of the Hon. Christopher Lennox-Boyd.
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The Honorable S.r Charles Wager K.t.
The Honorable S.r Charles Wager K.t. Vice Admiral of y.e Red Squadron of his Majesty's Fleet, & one of y.e Commissioners for executing the Office of Lord High Amiral of Great Britain.
J. Ellis pinx. 1726. G. White fecit.
[n.d. c.1726]
Rare mezzotint, print 355 x 250mm (14 x 9¾"). A lettered state before addition of Overton address. Trimmed within plate and glued to album sheet. Central crease.
Three-quarter length portrait of Admiral Sir Charles Wager (1666-1743) standing almost in profile to left with right hand resting on baton, head turned to face front, left hand on hilt of sword; wearing plain undress uniform and long wig. Ships rocking on waves can be seen to the right.
CS 51.II. See also our references 12452 & 39882 (not same image).
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