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Arthur Blayney Esq.r.
Arthur Blayney Esq.r.
Painted by W.m Beechey A.R.A Portrait Painter to Her Majesty. Engrav'd by T. Hardy. [n.d. c.1800]
Rare mezzotint, 380 x 280mm (15 x 11"), with margins. Thread margin on right. Laid on linen. Crease through publication area. Small margins.
Half length portrait of philanthropist Arthur Blayney (1715-95). He wears a powdered wig tied at the nape, with a plain collar and the top of a brocaded waistcoat visible beneath a plain coat. He was known as the 'Father of Montgomeryshire'
CS 1 I of II.
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Welsh Costumes.
Welsh Costumes. [Marked under each figure:] Cottager. Farmer's Wife. Labourer's Wife. Farmer's Daughter. Markey Boy. Cottager's Daughter.
H. Jones, Del. J.H. Lynch, lith. Day & Son to The Queen.
Published by T. Catherall, Eastgate Row, Chester. July 1st. 1851.
Lithograph, sheet 270 x 335mm (10½ x 13").
Traditional Welsh Costume of the 19th century.
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Welch Costumes,
Welch Costumes, Taken On A Market Day in Wales.
Rb.t S. Groom & C.o 44, Paternoster Row, London.
Published by Hugh Humphreys, Castle Square, Carnarvon. [n.d. c.1853]
Lithograph with fine hand colour. Sheet 270 x 355mm (10¾ x 13").
Seven figures wearing Welsh national costumes, an elderly woman on the left leads a piglet on rope to a pond, another woman on the right carrying a cooking pot on her head, others knitting or carrying baskets and umbrella; cottage seen behind. A small man is in the foreground is either a dwarf or a child.
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