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Cribbage. When Greek meets Greek then comes the Tug of War.
G. Dawe Eng.r & Printer, 9 Southampton Pl. New Rd.
[n.d., c.1840.]
Rare coloured aquatint. Sheet 235 x 240mm (9¼ x 9½"). Messy. Trimmed within plate, into title at bottom, scratched.
Two filthy boy chimney sweeps play cribbage on a bench.
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A Herb Market.
A Herb Market. In the Gallery at Houghton.
Snyders & Long John Pinxerunt. Joseph Farrington delin.t. Rich.d Earlom Sculpsit.
John Boydell excudit 1779. Published Nov.r 13th 1779 by John Boydell, Engraver in Cheapside.
Mezzotint. 415 x 570mm (16¼ x 22½"), large margins. Tears repaired, one just entering incription area, some creasing.
A vegetable stall, with a woman filling a basket with produce as a boy slyly empties her purse. On display are asparagus, artichoke, cabbage, cauliflower, onions and shallots. One of several market scenes painted by Snyders, which were part of Sir Robert Walpole's celebrated collection of Old Masters at his gallery at Houghton. When much of the gallery's contents were sold by Walpole's grandson to Catherine the Great of Russia, the eminent publisher John Boydell commissioned a series of mezzotints of Houghton's key works.
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Wayside Sketches No. 25. Punch and Judy
Wayside Sketches No. 25. Punch and Judy
N. Spalding delt.
[n.d., c.1860.]
Chromolithograph. Sheet 300 x 235mm (11¾ x 9¼"). Trimmed, some soiling, laid on album paper.
A Punch & Judy booth with a one-man band and a dog in a ruff, outside a village inn.
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Smith Brothers Patent Jacquard Loom.
Smith Brothers Patent Jacquard Loom. Obtained The Prize Medal 1862.
[n.d. c.1862]
Steel engraving, 295 x 230mm (11½ x 9"). A bit of creasing and nicks to margins.
A mechanical loom weaving a floral pattern called "jacquard", necessitating a complex mechanism and repartition of the threads. On the sides of the machine are three characters, a man and two women: the man is wearing a three piece suit with a top hat, and the ladies are both wearing short-brimmed bonnets which tie under the chin. One of them, turning her back to the viewer, can be seen wearing a crinoline because of the width of her skirts, even though they are partially out of frame. Jacquard used very early form of computer.
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