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[Cabinet-makers] Morgan & Sanders,
[Cabinet-makers] Morgan & Sanders, Catherine St. Strand.
No.8, of Ackermann's Repository of Arts &c. Pub. Augt. 1st 1809, at 101 Strand London.
Fine hand coloured engraving. Sheet 145 x 235mm (5¾ x 9¼").
Specialists in the manufacture of “metamorphic” furniture, upholsterers and cabinet-makers Thomas Morgan and Joseph Sanders operated the highly successful firm of Morgan & Sanders. The firm flourished between 1801 and 1820. Sanders was a highly innovative designer, patenting designs and improvements to “The Metamorphic Library Chair,” “The Imperial Dining Table” and “Merlin’s Mechanical Chair.” They marketed aggressively, advertising in both London and provincial newspapers, and supplied furniture to not only the hero of the time, Lord Horatio Nelson, but enjoyed Royal patronage, as well. Much of what the company designed can be called campaign furniture, and they crafted furniture of “transportable comfort” aimed at the Army and Navy markets. In fact, both the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich and the Royal Naval Museum shows examples of their work. After the death of Joseph Sanders in 1818, the company was renamed Morgan & Co. and sold to their foreman, John Durham, in 1820. Numbered 'Plate 10. Vol. 2.' upper right, from Rudolph Ackermann's 'Repository of Arts' periodical, published from 1809-1829. A series of the firm’s designs were published in the magazine between 1809 until 1815. The formal title of the publication was "Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions, and Politics", and it discussed and illustrated day to day life, and influenced English taste in fashion, architecture and literature.
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A true Representation of the Diamond Cutters Wheel or Mill.
A true Representation of the Diamond Cutters Wheel or Mill.
Engrav'd for the Universal Magazine according to Act of Parliament 1750, for J.Hinton at the King's Arms in St Paul's Church-Yard, London.
Engraving. 211 x 273mm. 8¼ x 10¾". Small patched tear in top right-hand corner. Small holes in the publication line where previously bound.
Two men step into a manufacturing room. A man on a stool works away at a high bench at a diamond cutters wheel. Two other men stand at two significantly larger wheels or gears possibley powering the machine.
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The Smith's Forge.
The Smith's Forge.
Brouwer Pinx.t. Spooner fecit.
[Robert Sayer?, c.1770.]
Mezzotint. 150 x 115mm (6 x 4½").
The interior of a blacksmith's forge, where one man pulls a chain above him, bending his head down and holding a piece of metal in the embers; whilst another man hammers at a piece of metal on an anvil. This plate also appears with the inscription 'Printed for Robt. Sayer in Fleet Street, London'.
Ex: Collection of Hon. Christopher Lennox-Boyd
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