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The Independence of the Kirk.
The Independence of the Kirk.
Nichol Lithog.
Edinburgh, Published by J. Cullen, Drummond Street [n.d., c.1840.]
Lithograph with some hand colour. Sheet 285 x 445mm (11¼ x 17½").
A satire of the opposition to the Veto Act of 1834, which gave congregations a veto over a patron-presented minister if a majority objected, approved by the Church of Scotland. The same year the patron of Auchterarder, the Earl of Kinnoull, presented Robert Young to the parish. After hearing him preach, the heads of family vetoed him. He appealed but the Assembly of 1835 upheld the veto, but in 1838 the Court of Session found in Young's favour, making the Veto Act null and void. The case then went to the House of Lords, who sided with the Court of Session against the Kirk.
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"Hornie" Or The Reel Of O'Bogie. N.o 2.
AR [within text]. Nichol lithog.
Edinburgh Published by J. Cullen, Drummond Street. [n.d., c.1840.]
Rare hand-coloured lithograph sheet 275 x 407mm (11 x 16"). Slight creasing. Missing bits of paper. Small tear in left.
People dance with the devil. A slightly older looking man exclaims, " There's foursome reels and threesome reels "That muk' us a' right vogie, "But I prefer the twasome fling "Wi' a bonnie lass in Bogie." The devil replies "Whyles rangin' like a roarin' lion "For prey, a'holes an' corners byin', "Whyles on the strong-winged tempest flyin' Tirtin' the Kirks!!!". The devil clasps hands with a woman who holds another mans hand who says, "In spite of all their Interdicts Which fortell our overthrow We will turn up and wheel about And jump Jim Crow!" In front of him is a placard, 'Last Performance for the benefit of Church & State,' and a newspaper 'Non-Intrusion.' A three-man band plays on stage; a bell ringer, violinist and flautist beneath a canopy, 'These eminent performers will be fonnd of great use on the ocasion.' Next to them the pope peeks out of a curtain and pulls a face.
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