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[Elizabeth, Duchess of Buccleugh, with her daughter Lady Mary Scott]
[Elizabeth, Duchess of Buccleugh, with her daughter Lady Mary Scott]
[James Watson after Sir Joshua Reynolds]
Publish'd according to Act of Parliament, March 1st 1775 by Ja. Watson, No. 64 Little Queen Anne Street, Portland Chapel, & B. Clowes, No. 8 Gutter Lane Cheapside.
Mezzotint, sheet 625 x 380mm (24½ x 15"). Trimmed to platemark. Nicks to edges.
Elizabeth Scott (née Montagu), Duchess of Buccleuch (1743-1827), the only daughter and heir of George, duke of Montagu. In 1767 she married Henry Scott, third Duke of Bucchleuch. She inherited the Montagu estates, largely in Northamptonshire, in 1790. Together with her husband she was involved in charitable work such as the founding of Edinburgh's Royal Blind Asylum and School.
Hamilton p.86 ii/iii; Goodwin 100 ii/iii. CS 16.I.
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Alx.r Nasmyth. 1818 [fascimile signature].
Alx.r Nasmyth. 1818 [fascimile signature].
Will.m Nicholson R.S.A. Pinxt. Edward Burton, Sculpt.
Mezzotint, laid on album paper at edges. Sheet 350 x 270mm (13¾ x 10½"). Trimmed within plate.
Head and shoulders portrait in oval of Scottish painter Alexander Nasmyth (1758-1840), most famous for the portrait of Robert Burns (a close friend) in the Scottish National Gallery. He set up a drawing school, with pupils including both David Wilkie and David Roberts.
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John Robison, L.L.D.
John Robison, L.L.D. Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University &ca &ca.
H. Raeburn Esq.r pinx.t. C. Turner sculp.t.
Edinburgh Published by the Proprietor Oct.r 27 1805, and at M.r Cribb's, N.º 288, Holborn, London.
Mezzotint, printed in brown ink. 505 x 355mm (19¾ x 14"), with large margins.
Seated portrait of Scottish physicist and mathematician John Robison (1739-1805), wearing cap and striped robe, telescope and globe behind. Although Robison worked with James Watt on an early steam car, he did not contribute to the successful Watt steam engine of 1776. He did invent the siren and was a member of the Board of Longitude, testing John Harrison's marine chronometer on a voyage to Jamaica.
Whitman 499 ii.
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John Earl of Bute.
John Earl of Bute. First Lord of the Admiralty, & Knight of the most Noble Order of the Garter &c.&c.
[after Allan Ramsay.]
[n.d., c.1762.]
Fine mezzotint, 18th century watermark. 350 x 250mm (13¾ x 9¾"), large margins. Horizontal central crease.
Three-quarter portrait of John Stuart (1713-92), 3rd Earl of Bute, Prime Minister 1762-3) in ermine-trimmed ceremonial robes, wearing the Order of the Thistle, from which he resigned in 1762 when he joined the Order of the Garter.
CS Unknown 36.
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