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Frère Jacques Beaulieu. Célèbre Lithotomiste.
Frère Jacques Beaulieu. Célèbre Lithotomiste.
Lith. Paul Petit et
[n.d., c.1860.]
Scarce lithograph on chine collé. Sheet 170 x 130mm (6¾ x 5") very large margins.
A portrait of Jacques Beaulieu (or Baulot, 1651-1719), an itinerant lithotomist, a surgeon specialising in the removal of calculi like kidney and gall stones. After a short career as a cavalry private, he had a six-year apprenticeship with another travelling surgeon. He travelled around with four assistants, who prepared his patients with cupping and blood-letting, before operating on all of them on the same day, usually leaving as soon as possible to avoid repercussions. From 1690 he donned the robes of a Dominican monk and started calling himself frère, without ordination. In 1697, in a session at the Hôtel Dieu in Paris, he performed a lithotomy in less than a minute and 10 more in less than an hour, with a 53.5% mortality rate while the average at the time was 14%, resulting in a five-year ban from practicing in Paris. He performed around 5,000 lithotomies before retiring in 1711. Based on a life-time portrait.
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M.r William Curtis,
M.r William Curtis, Author of the Flora Londinesis, Botan. Magaz &c 1799.
[n.d. c.1799.]
Aquatint, sheet 220 x 130mm (8½ x 5¼"). Trimmed to plate on left side.
Silhouette portrait of author, botanist and entomologist William Curtis (1746 1799).
Not in W739
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Newton with the Prism.
Newton with the Prism.
Romney Pinx. Meadows Sculp.
[Published April 14th 1809 by Thomas Payne Pall Mall]
Stipple engraving, sheet 200 x 270mm (8 x 10½"). Trimmed to plate losing publication line, glued on album sheet at edges.
A reconstruction of Isaac Newton's prism experiment in which Newton holds a prism in a beam of sunlight to cast a spectrum on the wall behind. Two women look, one carrying a tray on which is a carafe of water.
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[Richard Owen] Professor Owen, F.R.S. &c. &c.
[Richard Owen] Professor Owen, F.R.S. &c. &c. The Drawing Room Portrait Gallery of Eminent Personages. Presented with the Illustrated News of the World.
Engraved by D.J. Pound from a photograph by John & Charles Watkins, Parliament St.
Steel engraving. Sheet 390 x 205mm (15¼ x 8"). Trimmed inside platemark
Sir Richard Owen (1804 -92) KCB, English biologist, comparative anatomist and palaeontologist, famed for coining the word Dinosauria (meaning 'Terrible Reptile') and for his outspoken opposition to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.
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