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[Jonah & the Whale] Evomit absorptum Cæco de Guttere Cútus, Redditur et Terræ qui Modo Præda Fuit. Jonas 2.
[Jonah & the Whale] Evomit absorptum Cæco de Guttere Cútus, Redditur et Terræ qui Modo Præda Fuit. Jonas 2.
Martin de Vos Inventor. [engraved by Maarten Wierix.]
CJVißcher Excu. [n.d., 1652.]
Engraving with etching. 375 x 515mm, with contemporary red ruling. Creasing, margin worn lower left.
A fine fantastical image incorporating two scenes from the Book of Jonah. On the right Jonah is being thrown into the sea, where the sea monster, with ears and crest, waits; on the left he is regurgitated on the shore, the city of Nineveh behind. From a Dutch bible, 'Historiae Sacrae Veteris et Novi Testamenti'; the red ruling suggests it comes from the English edition, 'Figures of the Bible, in wich almost every history of the Holy Scriptures is discribed'.
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Horse Combat in Lodoiska.
Horse Combat in Lodoiska.
Pub. Nov. 1825 by W. Cole, Lit. Newport Street.
Coloured etching. Sheet 185 x 225mm (7½ x 8¾"). Trimmed into image, laid on album paper.
A scene from 'Lodoïska', an opera by Luigi Cherubini to a French libretto by Claude-François Fillette-Loraux, first performed in Paris in July 1791. A Polish huzzar crosses swords with a Tartar rider, before a castle. Surprisingly, the Tartar is one of the good guys: in the climax the castle's wall collapses and the Tartars storm in to rescue the hero and heroine from their wicked countryman.
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A Nymph and Shepherd.
A Nymph and Shepherd. In the Gallery at Houghton.
Carlo Cignani Pinxit. G. Farington delin.t. Michel Sculpsit.
Published Nov.r 1st 1775 by John Boydell Engraver in Cheapside London.
Engraving. 315 x 380mm (12¼ x 15"), with large margins on three sides. Creasing.
A young woman gazes adoringly at a young man holding a musical pipe, who holds her stare. In front of them two children wrestle on a sheep. A scene based on a painting by Carlo Cignani (Bolognam 1628-1719), engraved by Jean Baptiste Michel (1748-1804) from an intermediate sketch by painter George Farington (1752-88)
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Wobourn Sheepshearing.
Wobourn Sheepshearing. Dedicated by Permission to his Grave the Duke of Bedford, By His Grace's most obedient and very humble Servant George Garrard.
Stippled and outline etched by M.N. Bate. Figures and landscape by J.C. Stadler. Lined by T. Morris Pupil to the late celebrated Mr Woollett. The whole touched and arranged by the original painter.
Painted and Published by G.Garrard, A.R.A., 4 Queens Buildings, Knightsbridge, May 31 1811. London.
Aquatint. 550 x 690mm (21¾ x 27¼"). Repairs to the cracks in the centre. Speckled near the trees.
An incredibly detailed scene of the Woburn Sheepshearing of 1804, an early agricultural fair. Amoung the carefully drawn people, numbered and named under the image are the Duke of Bedford and particular guests the Duke of Clarence (later William IV), Sir Joseph Banks, Sir William Watkin Wynne, Humphry Davy, Thomas Coke (agricultural reformer) and Samuel Whitbread, surrounded by estate workers at the annual sheep-shearing. Bottom right a sheep-shearing competition is in progress.
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