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[Cheese Monger] Highty, tighty! Mr Witey, /
[Cheese Monger] Highty, tighty! Mr Witey, / Don't you think my question hard: / I want to know the price per pound / Of your own bladder of lard!
[n.d., c.1840.]
Coloured woodcut. Writing sheet; Sheet 165 x 120mm (6¼ x 4¾").
An egg-headed man scoops out a dollop from a barrel marked 'Fat' and slaps it on a scale, to a customer's disgust. 'Highty, tighty' is an obsolete variant of 'hoity-toity'.
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Le Crime Luny.
Le Crime Luny.
[n.d., c.1780.]
Rare etching. 430 x 265mm (17 x 10½") Small margins, wear to edges.
Three armoured angels, armed with swords and lightning bolts, drive a group of Catholic clergy into the pits of hell, where demons wait to drag them down. A satire on the corruption of the French church.
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Does Your Mother Know You Are Out?
Does Your Mother Know You Are Out?
W. Lee 1838.
Printed by Standidge & Co., London.
Lithograph. Sheet 325 x 210mm (12¾ x 8¼"). Trimmed.
A child falls from a window, as the mother dozes, watched by a ragged roadsweep.
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The Little Unknown.
The Little Unknown. The above gentleman turns round to express his gratitude to the Ladies of London on account of the very handsome and flattering manner in which his proposals have been received by them; at the same time he is happy to inform them that he is still open to treaty, no matrimonial arrangement having been determined on...
Published by S.W. Fores, 41 Piccadilly for the Proprietor 1832.
Very scarce lithograph with hand colour. Sheet 310 x 245mm (12¼ x 9¾"). Laid on scrapbook page.
A racist satire, the second in a series of three, taking the form of a man advertising his desire to find a wife. Although the illustration makes it clear he is black, the text, written in the third person, includes the line 'he has already expressly stated that he is by no means a [n-word]', and makes in plain that he is looking for a white wife, not a 'sable lady'. He writes he can be viewed in Hyde Park or the Burlington Arcade if it is raining. The third print in the series (BM Satires 15154) shows him as a very short man, engaged to a white woman who towers above him; an ink and watercolour sketch in the Lewis Walpole collection (lwlpr13368), apparently unpublished, shows him with a son.
See BM 2006,0929.45 for very similar variant; Not in BM Satire, but see 15153 & 15154 for first and third plate.
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[John Russell] A Late Crow from the Earley Bird.
[John Russell] A Late Crow from the Earley Bird. The Hornet. June 26th, 1872.]
[London: Frederick Arnold, 1872.]
Rare tinted lithograph. Sheet 400 x 270mm (15¾ x 10¾"). Nicks in edges.
Caricature of John Russell (1792-1878), former prime minister, as a crowing cockerel standing on a scroll titled 'Alabama Claims'. In 1862, during the American Civil War, Foreign Secretary Russell allowed 'Alabama', a warship built by John Laird, to leave Birkenhead to join the Confederate navy, despite complaints from the Federal legation in London. Within two years she had taken over sixty Federal prizes before being sunk off the coast of France. In 1869 the US brought a claim for damages against Britain, seeking compensation for the damage done by ships built in this country. The original demand was for either $2 billion or the ceding of Canada to the United States but, after international arbitration, the case. was settled for $15.5 million. Despite admitting the release of the ship was a mistake, Russell obstinately refused to accept Britain should pay damages.
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