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Design for a Regency.
Design for a Regency.
William Heath.
Pub July 8 1830 by T. McLean 26 Haymarket London.
Framed hand-coloured etching. Frame dimensions 260 x 365mm (10¼ x 14¼). Unexamined outside of frame. Probably trimmed.
Princess Victoria as a child, sitting on Prince Leopold's knee, holding the sceptre, the crown falling over her eyes. The Duchess of Kent looks on from the throne. To the right is Wellington, standing over the royal chair in the Council Chamber, with William IV sitting to the side. Behind are the Grenadier Guards, standing to attention with bayonets fixed. When William IV came to the throne in 1830, Victoria was the next in line to the throne, aged 11, raising the question of who would be regent if William died before Victoria came of age. Heath had previously issued his work under the pseudonym 'Paul Pry' but reverted to his own name because of fakers.
BM Satires: 16162.
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The Homage.
The Homage. [During the above Ceremony, the Treasurer of His Majesty's Household threw about the Medals of the Coronation.]
[Published by Tho.s M.cLean 26, Haymarket Sep.r 23.rd 1831]
Rare lithograph. Sheet 270 x 355mm (10½ x 14). Trimmed losing subtitle. Tear and abrasion losing 'h' in title.
Scene in Westminster Abbey, realistically depicted, the peers doing homage by touching the King's crown; Brougham (1778-1868) stands on the King's (1765-1837) left. In the foreground, in front of the Transept, a scramble is taking place for medals which are being scattered from a gallery. Life Guards and judges and a page scramble for them. On the extreme left, facing the King, stands Wellington (1769-1852) ; his page, still holding his robe, makes a dive towards a medal.
BM Satires 16778.
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