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Adulation or a Coronation Oration, by the George [scored through and replaced by] Jack Pudding of the Nation.
Adulation or a Coronation Oration, by the George [scored through and replaced by] Jack Pudding of the Nation.
[Charles Williams.]
Pub.d July 1821 by Fores, Piccadilly.
Etching, sheet 230 x 335mm (9 x 13¼"). On paper watermarked 'Fellows'. Trimmed within plate. Edges nicked and repaired with tape. Lightly time-stained around edges.
Satire on the coronation of George IV (19th July 1821). George IV (1762-1830) sits on a throne in Westminster Abbey, wearing a crown and holds his orb and sceptre. The Archbishop, well characterized, stands beside him, holding his mitre, his right hand on the chair. On the King's right hand stands Londonderry (Castlereagh) (1769-1822) in Garter robes; other peers stand behind him. All watch the antics of Canning (1770-1827), dressed as a jester/fool. He kneels on the dais at the King's feet, arms flung wide; at his feet is a high-crowned hat with a peacock's feather; on the back of his tunic are the letters M P and P C. He declaims, "The delight of the Nation at the Celebration of your Majesty's Coronation, the Exultation throughout the Creation exceeds all Imagination. the Expectation to which the Anticipation of this Consumation has given occasion is beyond Contemplation; we offer the Oblation of our Congratulation, without Hesitation or Trepidation; no Tribulation can effect a Cessation of the Sensation which pervades every Station; no Situation in whatever Deprivation will utter an Execration for the Association are in Preparation to effect an Extirpation of all Defamation. We hope the Expectation of a Decollation will produce Annihilation of all Deviation from strict Regulation; we submit to Subjugation without Hesitation, and we offer our Oration with gratefull Adoration upon this Jollification." The King touches (or kicks) Canning's chin with his toe. Peeresses stand in a gallery across the north transept, holding their coronets. Above them is a second and more crowded gallery.
BM Satires 14199.
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[George IV & Isabella Anne Seymour-Conway] The Coronation of the Empress of the Nairs.
[George IV & Isabella Anne Seymour-Conway] The Coronation of the Empress of the Nairs.
G. Cruikshank fecit.
Pub.d September 1st 1812 by W.N. Jones No.5 Newgate St.
Hand-coloured etching. Sheet: 280 x 495mm (11 x 19½''). Trimmed, large tears and damaged. Folds as issued.
A satire on the scandals relating to the Regent, his brothers, and the Hertfords. Lady Hertford or 'The Empress of Nairs', mistress of George IV when Regent, lies reclining in a bath in the centre of the scene while the George ascends the stairs with a crown, Lord Hertford with cuckold's horns sits aside a statue looking down on the scene smiling. Around the room various members of the court and various mistresses stand in conversation.
BM Satire 11899.
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Design for a Regency.
Design for a Regency.
William Heath.
Pub July 8 1830 by T. McLean 26 Haymarket London.
Framed hand-coloured etching. Frame dimensions 260 x 365mm (10¼ x 14¼). Unexamined outside of frame. Probably trimmed.
Princess Victoria as a child, sitting on Prince Leopold's knee, holding the sceptre, the crown falling over her eyes. The Duchess of Kent looks on from the throne. To the right is Wellington, standing over the royal chair in the Council Chamber, with William IV sitting to the side. Behind are the Grenadier Guards, standing to attention with bayonets fixed. When William IV came to the throne in 1830, Victoria was the next in line to the throne, aged 11, raising the question of who would be regent if William died before Victoria came of age. Heath had previously issued his work under the pseudonym 'Paul Pry' but reverted to his own name because of fakers.
BM Satires: 16162.
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Actor of all Work. All the Worlds a Stage_&c S__
Actor of all Work. All the Worlds a Stage_&c S__
[Monogram of Paul Pry] Esq.
Pub June 15 1829 by T McLean 2 Haymarket sole Publisher of P Pry Caricatures none are original without T McLeans name as publisher.
Framed hand-coloured etching. Frame dimensions 265 x 365mm (10½ x 14½"). Unexamined outside of frame, but most likely trimmed.
Satire on Wellington's many facets: Wellington sits behind a small cloth-covered table flanked by eight other representations of himself, as depicted in recent caricatures, apparently all by W. Heath. These include Wellington wearing Coronation robes (this print was published soon before the death of George IV), and on the far right inside a sarcophagus on which is inscribed the word 'Mum' (apparently referring to Wellington's silence over his intentions towards Catholic Relief until shortly before the opening of Parliament).
BM Satires: 15805. For Wellington keeping 'Mum' see ref. 30483.
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The Homage.
The Homage. [During the above Ceremony, the Treasurer of His Majesty's Household threw about the Medals of the Coronation.]
[Published by Tho.s M.cLean 26, Haymarket Sep.r 23.rd 1831]
Rare lithograph. Sheet 270 x 355mm (10½ x 14). Trimmed losing subtitle. Tear and abrasion losing 'h' in title.
Scene in Westminster Abbey, realistically depicted, the peers doing homage by touching the King's crown; Brougham (1778-1868) stands on the King's (1765-1837) left. In the foreground, in front of the Transept, a scramble is taking place for medals which are being scattered from a gallery. Life Guards and judges and a page scramble for them. On the extreme left, facing the King, stands Wellington (1769-1852) ; his page, still holding his robe, makes a dive towards a medal.
BM Satires 16778.
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