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[Set of 10 Caesars.]
[Set of 10 Caesars.] 2. Augustus. 3. Tiberius. 4.Caligula. 5. Claudius. 6. Nero. 7. Galba. 8. Otho. 10. Vespasianus. 11. Titus. 12. Domitianus.
[After Jan van der Straet.]
[n.d. c.1700.]
Set of 10 of 12 fine engravings (lacking plates 1 & 9). Platemark: 330 x 220mm (13 x 8¾") each, large margins.
A set of 10 of 12 plates from 'Imperatorum XII' (The Twelve Emperors), depicting statues of Roman Emperors on horseback, with each pedestal decorated with illustrative scenes. Examples include; Tiberius, in full armour, wearing a laurel wreath and holding a spear; Caligula, in full armour, wearing the winged hat of Mercury, holding the thunderbolts of Zeus and the trident of Poseidon; Nero, in full armour, facing to the right and holding a lyre, with thepedestal decorated with a scene of his suicide; Titus, in full armour, and in the background to the right, Mount Vesuvius erupts, with troops assembling outside the gates of a city to the left. After Jan van der Straet (1523 - 1605).
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Cav. Pietro Leone Ghezzi.
Cav. Pietro Leone Ghezzi. __ridentem pingere verum Quid vetat?
Cav. P. L. Ghezzi delt. W.W. Ryland sct. 1762..
apd. CR. Editm.
Etching printed in brown ink, 355 x 275mm. 14 x 10¾". Creases to upper left corner just inside the platemark with very small margins.
An artist (Ghezzi?) wearing a loose hooded coat and round hat, pointing to left out of a window at a procession of caricatured monks in a churchyard, left hand on his hip holding brushes. He looks back over his shoulder towards the viewer, with a painting of the Virgin on an easel in front of him; in an octagonal frame. After Pier Leone Ghezzi (1674 - 1755), caricaturist and etcher who worked in Rome. From the folio 'A Collection of Prints in Imitation of Drawings' London, 1778.
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