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D.r Berkenhout.
D.r Berkenhout. European Magazine.
T Holloway delint et sculpt [scratched]
Published Oct.r. 1. 1788 bu I. Sewell Cornhill.
Engraving 7 x 4¾" (175 x 120mm), with margins. Some surface dirt in margins.
Bust portrait of Dr Thomas Berkenhout in an oval. An English spy, physician, naturalist and author who wrote several works including 'Clavis Anglicae Linguae Botanicae', 'Outlines of the Natural History of Great Britain and Ireland' (1769) and 'Synopsis of the Natural History of Great Britain and Ireland' (1789). He also served as a British agent in the colonies during the American Revolution being sent covertly on the Carlisle Peace Commission.
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Imperatoris Cladvdii Apotheosis Sive Consecratio.
Imperatoris Cladvdii Apotheosis Sive Consecratio. Clavdivs post mortem, Veterum superstitione, inter Diuos relatus, radiata...
[Pietro Santi Bartoli]
[Giovanni Giacomo de' Rossi]
Some creasing. Small margins.
From the series Admiranda Romanarum Antiquitatum (The Wonders of Ancient Rome). A frieze representing the apotheosis of Emperor Claudius, bust portrait of the Emperor placed above an eagle standing above Jove's globe and thunderbold and a pile of trophies and armour; after an antique relief in the collection of the King of Spain.
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[A celebration of George III's recovery.]
[A celebration of George III's recovery.] [To Sir Joseph Banks Bart. President of the Royal Society. This Plate from the Transparency Exhibited at his House on the 10th of March 1789. On the General Illumination for his Majesty's Recovery, is humbly dedicated by his Obedient Servant, Charles Ansell.]
[W. Hamilton R.A. Pinx.t. F. Bartolozzi R.A. Engraver to his Majesty Sculp.t.]
[Pub. June 4. 1790 by C. Ansell No. 5 Upper John Street, Fitzroy Chapel, I. Matthews No. 441 Strand. & Molteno, Colnaghi & Co. No. 132. Pall Mall.]
Very fine stipple, printed in colour. Sheet 330 x 180mm (13 x 7"). Trimmed from a larger image, laid on album paper.
George III, seated on a throne upon a pedestal lettered 'Redeunt Saturnia Regna', dressed in his ermine-lined robes of state with the chain of the Garter about his shoulders. He is being crowned by Hygieia, Greek goddess of health, cleanliness, and sanitation. Britannia seated on the ground below gesturing to two putti with a cornucopia filled with gold coins. In the summer of 1788 George III had a serious mental episode that left him incapable of ruling, possibly caused by either porphyria, biplar disorder or arsenic poisoning. In February 1789 the Regency Bill passed the House of Commons, but before the House of Lords could pass the bill, George recovered. Although the image is trimmed, losing the figures of Abundantia and Fame in side niches, the colour printing is superb.
De Vesme 556; see BM 1917,1208.3138 for full image.
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The Lady Griesell Kar, wife of Patrick Earle of Marchmont &.ct Lord High Chancellor of Scotland, An.o Dni 1698. Ætatis suce 55.
The Lady Griesell Kar, wife of Patrick Earle of Marchmont &.ct Lord High Chancellor of Scotland, An.o Dni 1698. Ætatis suce 55.
G. Kneller Eques pinxit. I. Smith fecit.
Mezzotint plate 13½ x 9¾" (345 x 245mm), with wide margins. Small tear that goes into the image but not into the oval.
A bust portrait of Griezel Hume, née Ker, Countess of Marchmont in an oval. She wears a loose, plain dress, robe and her hair is styled in a half up half down do. Her husband Sir Patrick Hume, 2nd Baronet, was a Scottish statesman and was a supsected conspirator in the Rye House Plot. So the family fled to the Netherlands. They returned to Scotland after the Glorious Revolution in 1688. He once again joined the Scottish parliament as the commissioner for Berwickshire until becoming Lord Polwarth in 1690. Then he was made Lord Chancellor in 1696 and Earl of Marchmont in 1697, although when Anne came to the throne in 1702 he lost his chancellorship. They are the parents of songwriter and accountant Lady Grizel Baillie famous for her song "Werna my Heart Licht I Wad Dee" (Were not My Heart Light I would Die).
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Pierre Jeliote.
Pierre Jeliote.
Peint par L. Toqué. Gravé par L. J. Cathelin.
A Paris chés l'Auteur Quay de l'Ecole dans l'Allée entre les deux Cafés.
Fine engraving. Sheet 405 x 290mm (16 x 11½"). Trimmed within plate, mounted on card on left side at corners.
Half-length portrait of Pierre Jélyotte (1713-97), shown as Apollo playing a lyre. Regarded as the best singer Europe, he often sang for Louis XV and, after retiring from singing, joined first the 'Orchestre du Roi' as a violinist and guitarist, then the private orchestra of Madame de Pompadour as a cellist. Louis Tocqué's oil on canvas of 1755 is now in the Hermitage Museum.
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George Kinloch Esq.r M.P.
George Kinloch Esq.r M.P. On the 22nd Dec.r 1819, Forced to flee his Country and proclaimed an Outlaw for having advocated the cause of People and the necessity of Reform. On the 22nd Dec.r 1832, Proclaimed the chosen Representative of the Town of Dundee in the Reformed House of Commons.
Drawn on Stone by W.Sharp from a Minature by Miss M Saunders.
[Printed by C. Hullmandel] [c. 1832]
Lithograph, sheet 7¾ x 5¼" (170 x 135mm).
Bust portrait of the Scottish politician and reformer George Kinloch (1775 1833). His first involvement with politics was in 1814 and involved the extension of the harbour in Dundee, a project which earned him the gratitude of business interests in the city. His involvement with mass meetings in 1817 and 1819 agitating for Parliamentary reform attracted less favorable attention, and he was forced to flee to France and was declared an outlaw. In 1822 his daughter was presented to George IV in Edinburgh and interceded for him, and he was able to return. When Dundee was given representation in Parliament by the Reform Act 1832, Kinloch was elected MP. His 1831 speech to voters included his anti slavery views. He probably gained his anti slavery views when in 1795 Kinloch inherited a slave plantation "The Grange" in Jamaica from his uncle, which he sold in 1804. He died in London two months after the start of Parliament; his body was brought back to Scotland for burial at the Kinloch Chapel at Meigle.
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Mr Thomas Kirby of York in his eighty eighth year.
Mr Thomas Kirby of York in his eighty eighth year.
Engraved by Hunt from a Photograph by Brown of York.
London, Published by Rogerson & Tuxford, 246 Strand, 1857.
Very scarce stipple and engraving, sheet 7½ x 4¾ (190 x 120mm).
Three quarters portrait of horse breeder, trainer and racer Thomas Kirby (1771) sitting in an armchair. Around the age of 21 he made his first voyage to Russia in charge of a cargo of horses and entered the service of Count Petrosky, who had upwards of 100 brood mares in his paddocks. From then on for many years of his life he made frequent trips to Russia, sometimes twice a summer and occasionaly with two ship loads of horses. He started his racing career August 29th 1804, he won his maiden race, a £50 plate, in four mile heats, at Chesterfield, with Primrose by Beningborough. The last of his racing exploits was the 1842 Chester Cup.
See "The Sportsman" p161.
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Jenny Lind.
Jenny Lind. [After Fritz L'Allemand]
M & N Hanhart, Lith Printers.
Lithograph on india paper, sheet 310 x 235mm (12¼ x 9¼). Cut and laid onto card. Some surface dirt.
Portrait of the Swedish opera singer Johanna Maria Lind-Goldschmidt (Jenny Lind), full-length, slightly turned to the right, a gloved hand raised and a handkerchief in the other, dressed in a dark silk dress with a lace collar adorned with a broach about her bust.
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Simon Lord Lovat.
Simon Lord Lovat.
Aliamet sculp [after William Hogarth].
Etching and engraving sheet 5½ x 4" (140 x 100mm). Cut to plate mark.
Half length portrait of an elderly Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat (c.1667-1747), Scottish Jacobite, chief of Clan Fraser. He wears a wig, coat and neckband; sits in ornate frame decorated with acanthus leaves with a cartouche below portrait; at the top of the frame sits a mask and an axe. In the 1715 rebellion, he supported the House of Hanover, but in 1745 he joined the Stuart claim on the crown of Scotland. When the Highlanders were defeated at Culloden Lovat was convicted of treason, and became the last man in Britain to be beheaded on Tower Hill. William Hogarth (1697 - 1764) drew this very popular portrait, of which many different prints were made after including this one , of Lovat at an inn in St. Albans on his way to trail and eventual execution.
Paulson: 166, III of III.
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Loves old sweet song.
Loves old sweet song.
C. Kiesel Pinx. Photogravure Hanfstaengl.
Published by Franz Hanfstaengl, Munich, London & New York,
Photogravure. 310 x 230mm (12¼ x 9"), with wide margins.
A woman playing a lute, an English version of 'Ein altes Lied' by Conrad Kiesel (also Konrad, 1846-1921).
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W.W. Ryland Del. et Sc.
published Jan:y 1775 at No 159 in the Strand.
Stipple, printed in reddish-brown. Sheet 155 x 115mm (6 x 4½"). Trimmed to plate, laid on album paper.
Head and shoulders portrait of a young man in a robe.
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The Modern Orpheus. Paganini. [in pencil].
The Modern Orpheus. Paganini. [in pencil]. [Opera House June 3rd 1831.] [Sketches of the Musical world no.1 to be continued.]
RL [after a sketch done by Daniel Maclise].
[Published by Tho.s M.cLean, 26, Haymarket, June 10th 1831.]
Lithograph sheet 8¾ x 6½" (220 x 165mm). Cut losing title and publication line. Some light creasing. Stain in top right.
Portrait of the virtuoso Niccolò (or Nicolò) Paganini (1782 - 1840). The date and location refer to his first appearance in England, after a marathon tour of all the major cities in Europe which lasted from 1828 into early 1831. Paganini is shown standing at the front of the stage with his violin, whilst Robert Lindley, Nicolas Mori and Dragonetti straining to see round the front, to try and see what was going on. Orpheus was a legendary musician, poet and prophet in Greek mythology, considered the best of the best.
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H.W. Bunbury Esq.r. Cha.s White Sculp.t.
Publish'd Decem.r the 1 1783 by C. White, Stafford Row Pimlico and Torre Market Lane, London.
Oval stipple, printed in brown. 230 x 170mm (9 x 6¾") very large margins. Crack in platemark at top, dusty.
A portrait of a woman carrrying a straw hat, wearing 'pattens', shoes with an iron ring designed to raise the foot from muddy ground. The plate was originally issued with a rectangular image, without the cottage and trees in the background, and with a quote from John Gay: ''The patten now Supports each frugal Dame, Which from the blue eyd Patty takes the Name'' (BM 1940,1109.114).
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Harry Peckham 1778.
Harry Peckham 1778.
Romney Pinxit. J.K. Sherwin Sculp.
[n.d. c.1780.]
Fine & rare engraving. On verso in ink "given me by penson earls"; Sheet 300 x 230 (11¾ x 9"). Trimmed to printed border.
Harry Peckham (1740-87), King's Counsel, travel author and influential early cricketer, half-length, holding a volume, 'Sidney on Government'. In 1774 Peckham sat on a committee to regularise the laws of cricket, introducing the 'Leg before wicket' rule. He died aged 46, having broken his neck while hunting, and was buried in Temple Church. Romney's portrait of Peckham hangs in the Council House, Chichester, where he was Recorder.
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enquire about this item add to your wishlist Siddons. Siddons. Grecian Daughter, Act the 5th Scene the Ist.
Painted & Engraved by J.K.Sherwin
Inscribed to the Gentlemen of the Bar. by J.K. Sherwin, No 28 St James's Street, and J. Bell, British Library, Strand, Dec.r 15th 1782.
Fine and rare stipple with engraving. Sheet 270 x 220mm (10¾ x 8¾"). Trimmed within plate.
A portrait of actress Sarah Siddons (1755-1831) as Euphrasia in Arthur Murphy's 'The Grecian Daughter'.
O'Donoghue 58.
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The Rev.d Christian Frederick Swartz, late. Missionary at Tritchinopoly & Tanjore.
The Rev.d Christian Frederick Swartz, late. Missionary at Tritchinopoly & Tanjore.
F. Smart pinx.t. Blackbord Sc.
London, Publish'd Jan. 7 1805, by Rob.t Cribb, 288 Holborn.
Rare stipple engraving sheet 8¼ x 6¾" (210 x 170mm). Trimmed.
A bust portrait of Christian Frederick (also spelt Friedrich) Schwarz (also spelt Schwartz or Swartz)(1726 1798) a German Lutherian missionary to India. He had a vast knowledge of languagues inlcuding Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Tamil, Urdu, Persian, Marathi, and Telugu. He was used by the British to serve as an emissary of peace and sent to the court of Haider Ali in Mysore. He worked alongside the Indian royal families, tutoring the Raja Serfoji of Tanjore, and was influential in establishing Protestant Christianity in southern India
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Telemachus In Aula Spartana Coram Menelao Helenâque Argiva, Ulyssis Patris Infortunia Deplorat.
Telemachus In Aula Spartana Coram Menelao Helenâque Argiva, Ulyssis Patris Infortunia Deplorat. DEdicated to his most Serene Highness the Prince of Anhault Dessau; by His Highness most devoted and Obedient Servant W.m Wynne Ryland. fe vend [a Londres chez les feres Torres Merchants d'Eftampes]
Angelica Kauffman ex acad.a Regoli Art.rn Londini Pinx.t. Guli.s Wynne Ryland Chalcog.s Regis Britain.a sculp.t.
Published Dec 7. 1778 for the proprie[tor No.159 Strand]
Coloured stipple partly in colour, 12 x 14" (305 x 360mm) Cut to the plate on three sides. Repaired tears. Repair causing loss to dedication and publication lines.
In Homer's Odyssey, under the influence of Athena, Telemachus leaves Ithaca in search of knowledge of his father who left for Troy twenty years ago. He first visits Nestor who regales him with tales of Odysseus' glory. Telemachus then departs with Nestor's son Peisistratus who accompanies him to see Menelaus and Helen. While there Menelaus and Helen tell complementary yet contradictory stories of his father's exploits at Troy. This print depicts this happening as he stands in the colonaded interrior and he burries his face in his robes in grief seemingly giving up, to the suprise of Menelaus enthroned at right and Helen standing at left, who extends her hand towards him.
Chronological checklist of singly issued English prints after Angelica Kauffman.
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Alfred Tennyson.
Alfred Tennyson.
W.H. Mote.
London Published by W. Kent& C.o late David Bogue, Fleet Street & Paternonster Row.
Stiple with engraving 8 x 5½ (205 x 140mm), with margins. Some creasing in the margins.
Head and shoulders portrait of a younger Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892), 1st Baron Tennyson, before his peerage in 1883, wearing a coat, a cravat tucked into a shirt, his hair loose; almost to his shoulders and a chinstrap beard. He served as poet laureate for most of Queen Victoria's reign and was one of the most popular poets of the Victorian age. His most well known poem is "The Charge of the Light Brigade".
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Mr Van Amburgh.
Mr Van Amburgh. as he appears at Drury Lane Theatre. Presented with No.66 of the Star, Nov.r 17th 1838.
T C Wilson.
Alvey lith 128 London R.d.
Lithograph sheet 270 x 205mm (10¾ x 8").
Portrait of the animal-tamer Isaac Van Amburgh in the show at Drury Lane in 1838, wearing Roman dress and sandals; whole length, standing to front in a landscape, with head turned to look to left, his left foot on lion's back and left hand on knee; tiger lying at left, leopard at right.
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W.m Woollett, Engraver to his Majesty.
W.m Woollett, Engraver to his Majesty.
Drawn & Engraved by J.K. Sherwin Engraver to his Majesty & his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.
Publish'd Aug.t 1784 by J.K. Sherwin.
Etching with engraving, fine impression. 305 x 255mm (12 x 8"). Trimmed to plate on three sides.
Half length portrait of engraver William Woollett, working on a plate, burin in hand. The publication line has been partially erased, removing 'No. 28, St. James's Street & by W. Hinton Sweetings Alley Royal Exchange'.
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