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George Anson Esq. Commander in Chief of the Late Expedition to the South Seas.
George Anson Esq. Commander in Chief of the Late Expedition to the South Seas.
Ar. Pond pinx. C. Grignion Sculp.
Publish'd by Ar. Pond Sep.r 15th 1744
Very scarce engraving. Platemark: 450 x 290mm (17¾ x 11¼"), with very large margins.
A portrait of Admiral George Anson (1697-1762) published at the end of his voyage around the world (1740-4) during which he attacked the Spanish in the Pacific, burnt Payta in Peru and captured the Manila galleon with its treasure of silver worth half a million pounds.
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[Garrick between Tragedy and Comedy.]
[Garrick between Tragedy and Comedy.]
[J. Reynolds Pinxit. E. Fisher sculpsit Londini 1762]
[Sold by Edw.d Fisher, at the Golden Head the South Side of Leicester Square, John Boydell Engraver, at the Unicorn, in Cheapside, and E. Bakewell, & H. Parker, _PrintSellers in Cornhill, opposite Birchin Lane, London.]
Proof mezzotint, without the title printed from a separate plate. 410 x 505mm (16 x 20"). Framed. Unexamined out of good 1900's frame.
A portrait of David Garrick (1717-1779), showing him torn between the female figures of Comedy and Tragedy. Although he looks at Tragedy he is allowing Comedy to pull him away. The scene is a parody of the Choice of Hercules, in which the hero was asked to choose between Pleasure and Virtue, choosing the more difficult but more honourable path of Virtue. Walpole notes that the idea for the painting was Garrick's. The picture was one of Garrick's favourites: in 1764 he wrote from Paris, ''I am so plagu'd here for my prints or rather prints of me - that I must desire you to send me by the first opportunity six prints from Reynolds' picture, you may apply to the engraver he lives in Leicester Fields, and his name is Fisher, he will give you good ones, if he knows they are for me''. A separate plate was used to print the title, with a Latin title (''Reddere Personæ scit convenientia cuique'').
BM 1868,0822.2099. Hamilton p.29.1. CS 20.I.
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Passants qui regarde ma burlesque figure /Ayez compassion de mon rigoureux ...
Passants qui regarde ma burlesque figure /Ayez compassion de mon rigoureux ... sort mon malheureux penchant trop voisin de la mort fait voir que je n'ay phis de droict pour la nature...
E. V. jn. I. Le Potre fe. Cum privil. Regis.
[n.d. c. 1700]
Engraving. 290 x 215mm (11½ x 8½"), large margins on 3 sides. Trimmed to plate mark on left side. Stain in lower left corner, affecting title area. Brown stain in the left-centre of the image. Creasing.
A Rabalaisian figure stands hunched, with the aid of a crutch while children dance and play in the background. An owl perches on the doorway. In the accompanying text he meditates on his coarse appearance and the rare virtue it provides him.
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[The Virgin Mary with Jesus and two angels.]
[The Virgin Mary with Jesus and two angels.]
Guercino inv. F. Bartolozzi Engraver To His Majesty sculp.
[J. & J. Boydell., n.d., c.1790s]
Fine stipple, printed in sanguine. 220 x 320mm (8½ x 12½"), with small margins. Thread margin at top. Few fly marks on left.
The Virgin Mary sits on a cloud with Jesus, who plays with a necklace, upon her knee while two angels above them place a crown on the Virgin's head.
de Vesme: 2187, II of II.
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Beaumont Read.
Beaumont Read.
[Illegible artist's signature.]
Hopewood & Crew, 42 New Bond St. W. [n.d., c.1870.]
Tinted lithograph. Trimmed in oval, 225 x 190mm (8¾ x 7½"). Trimmed from larger sheet, slight spotting.
Beaumont Read (1833-1910), an American singer said to be the greatest male alto singer to appear on the Australian stage. Having been a member of ''Hagueís Georgia Slave Troupe'' (when it included white performers), he came to Australia via South Africa in 1874. After a failed attempt to run a photographic business in Melbourne he became a huge star with ''Hiscocks' Federal Minstrals'' in the 1880s. Read retired in 1903 and moved to Adelaide where he taught singing. This portrait is probably from the cover of sheet music.
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Sweet Echo
Sweet Echo 178 Sweet Echo, Sweet Nymph, That liv'st unseen, Within they Airy Cell. Vide, Mask of Comms.
London, Printed for Robert Sayer Map & Printseller, No.53, Fleet Street, as the Act directs, 15, Jan 1788.
Rare coloured mezzotint sheet 355 x 250mm (14 x 9¾). Thread margins on three sides and trimmed to plate on bottom. Repairs.
A young woman with hair dressed high and a large hat, sitting in a garden holding up a sheet of music; with a waterfall on the right flowing into a stream running past her. The inscription has four lines of verse from Milton's 'Comus' in two columns.
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