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[Mr.Bunbury del. J.s Bretherton f.]
[Published 27th Jan. 1781.]
Engraving. Sheet 275 x 405mm (10¾ x 16"). Trimmed within plate top and bottom, losing title and inscriptions, laid on album paper with other scraps.
A caricatured game of billiards, with a player with a long pigtail queue, taking exaggerated care with his show.
BM: 5913.
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'Bridge'. 1."May I Play To Hearts?"[&] 2."I Double Hearts." [&] 3."Chicane."
L. Thackeray [facsimile signature].
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1904 by The Fine Art Society Ltd. in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, Washington. London Published 1904 by The Fine Art Society, 148, New Bond Street. Copyright registered.
Three of four chromolithographs. Sheets 510 x 630mm (20 x 24¾.
Three of a set of four plates illustrating a game of bridge, with a young couple, clergyman and retired army officer around the table. This issue was a printed black border around the image with vignettes of the cards in each player's hand and the titles in white. The painter and illustrator Lance Thackeray (d.1916) is best known for his comic sporting illustration art, especially billiards and golf, and his humorous postcards. He was also an author, of 'The Light Side of Egypt' and 'The People of Egypt'. Along with Cecil Aldin and other noted artists, he was one of the founders of The London Sketch Club, a graphic artists' club in Chelsea.
See Ref: 7836 for a complete signed set.
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[All Fours.]
[All Fours.]
[Design'd by W.H. Bunbury Esq.r.]
[Publish'd Mar.h 14th 1783 by J.R. Smith, No 83 Oxford Street, London.]
Rare coloured etching, 18th century watermark. Sheet 250 x 345mm (9¾ x 13½"). Trimmed into image area, losing title and inscriptions, but keeping the important part of the image.
A satirical scene of a pair of card players, one with a long pig-tail queue, the other in a bob-wig.
D'Oench 214; BM Satire 6341.
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