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[Hungarian and Highland Broadsword.]
[Hungarian and Highland Broadsword.] Outside Guard. St.George's Guard. Inside Guard. [&] Outside Half Hanger. Hanging Guard. Inside Half Hanger. [&] Half Circle Guard. Medium Guard. [&] The Consequence of not shifting the Leg. [&] The Advantage of shifting the Leg. [with] The Guards and Lessons of the Highland Broadsword.
[Guards] Designd & Etch'd by T. Rowlandson.
Publish'd Sept.r 1 1798 by H. Angelo No.11 Curzon Street, May-Fair. [Guards] Publish'd as the Act directs, Jan.y 1799, by Mr. Angelo, No.10, Boulton Row, Berkeley Square.
Scarce 6 etchings with aquatint. Each c. 280 x 335mm (11 x 13¼") plates with very large margins. 'Guards' trimmed inside plate at top.
A separate issue of the '10 Lessons' designed to be displayed as a training poster for the Guards, all drawn and etched by Thomas Rowlandson from Henry Angelo's 'Hungarian and Highland Broadsword'. The five plates and frontispiece show the '10 lessons', the positions and techniques of the broadsword and sabre when used on foot, as illustrated in the 'Guards & Lessons'. In his memoirs, Angelo claimed to have practised using the broadsword at Newgate prison in 1798 with a Scottish friend and expert swordsman James Perry, the owner of the 'Morning Chronicle', who was then in prison for libelling the House of Lords. Angelo adapted and developed sword techniques into a series of military drills and exercises, which became the standard training for the British army infantry, cavalry and Royal Navy.
Grego pp.374-5. Ogilvy 2382 for 'Guards'. Ogilvy 776 Plates 19, 20, 21, 22, & 23.
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