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[Chinese Junk]
[Chinese Junk]
[Anon., c.1850]
Wood-engraving, rare, printed area 85 x 125mm (3¼ x 5").
A junk, a sailing vessel used in Chinese waters and characterized by a very high poop, flat bottom, and square sails supported by battens.
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H.M.S. Twickenham
H.M.S. Twickenham Designed and Lithographed at the Twickenham School of Art in Aid of our Warship Week March 21-28 1942
Vernon P. Milner 1942 15/20
Lithograph, rare, printed area 290 x 195mm (11½ x 7¾").
Lithograph produced in aid of the war effort by a student at the Twickenham School of Art.
Private Collection.
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Jack's Trump of Defiance
Jack's Trump of Defiance
G. Cruikshank fec.t
London Pub.d April 1825 by J Robins & Co Ivy Lane P N Row
Etching and aquatint with hand-colouring, sheet 190 x 250mm (7½ x 9¾").
One of twelve etchings by George Cruikshank illustrating 'Greenwich Hospital: a series of Naval Sketches, descriptive of the Life of a Man-of-War's Man. By an Old Sailor' (London: 1826). These illustrations were some of Cruikshank's first after the famous caricaturist began his second career as a book illustrator, in which he worked with Charles Dickens amongst others. A related drawing is in the Morgan Library & Museum, New York.
Abbey 226.2
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[Battle of Kinburn, 1787]
[Battle of Kinburn, 1787] Vue d'Oczakow et de Kinburn, à l'embouchure du Dnieper dans la Mer noire [....] [parallel text in German]
Fr. Casanova ad Natur pinxit C: Schutz delin:
Chr: a Mechel excudit Basilae 1788.
Aquatint with fine hand-colouring, very scare & fine; sheet 365 x 480mm (14½ x 19"). Glued to backing sheet at edges; glue stains at bottom centre in margin.
The Battle of Kinburn, fought on 1 October 1787 during the Russo-Turkish War of 1787-92. The fortress of Kinburn was situated opposite Ochakov (modern Ukraine) at the Dnieper river delta. Ottoman forces sought to secure a base from which to attack Ochakov, but they were defeated by the Russian forces of Alexander Suvorov. From 'Tableaux et plans des evénements les plus mémorables, de la guerre actuelle des autrichiens et des russes contre les turcs' by Chrétien de Méchel (1790).
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[Lifeboat rescuing a steamer]
[Lifeboat rescuing a steamer] The Sea and Gale had lost none of their force; and until they got well round the North Foreland, the struggle to get back was just as hard as it had been to get there.
Lithograph printed in colour, sheet 125 x 195mm (5 x 7¾").
Probably an illustration to an edition of 'History of the Lifeboat and its work' by Richard Lewis (1874), a passage from which is quoted below the image.
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