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Conference of Capt.n Sir Ja.s Brisbane with the Dey of Algiers, August 30th 1816.
Conference of Capt.n Sir Ja.s Brisbane with the Dey of Algiers, August 30th 1816.
Drawn by G.F.L. [George Francis Lyon.]
[London: James Jenkins, c.1816.]
Aquatint with hand colour. Sheet 135 x 210mm (5¼ x 8¼"). Trimmed into aquatint border.
A group of naval and military officers in audience with the Dey of Algiers, Omar Agha. Two days after the Anglo-Dutch bombardment of Algiers in retaliation for the Dey's violation of a previous anti-slavery treaty, Sir James Brisbane, Admiral Lord Exmouth's Flag Captain, led a delegation to Omar Agha, achieving the release of 3,000 Christian slaves. Captain George Francis Lyon (1795-1832) went to sea at the age of thirteen and wrote and illustrated books on his travels, which included crossing the Sahara, serving under Parry as commander of the 'Hecla' and following Frankin into Hudson's Bay. He went to Mexico in 1826 as commissioner of the Real del Monte and Bolaños Mining Companies, dying on a voyage from Buenos Aires to London.
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Destruction by Fire of the Amazon Mail Steamer.
Destruction by Fire of the Amazon Mail Steamer. of 2250 Tons burden, in the Bay of Biscay, Jan.y 4th 1852, on Her first voyage from Southampton to Chagres, with 50 Passsengers and 106 Crew and attendants, the greater number of whom were lost.
Engraved from a sketch made by one of the Survivors.
Read & Co., 10, Johnson's Court, Fleet St. London [n.d., c.1852].
Rare steel engraving with hand colour. 265 x 330mm (10½ x 13"). Trimmed close to plate, slight scuffing in inscription area.
RMS Amazon was a wooden barque with three masts and a paddle wheel, launched in 1851. On her maiden voyage the bearings on her two side-lever steam engines kept overheating, which possibly led to a fire in the hay bales kept for animal feed. The order to abandon ship was given, but heavy seas swamped most of the boats launched. The brig 'Marsden', seen in the background, rescued 21 people from a lifeboat, at one stage believed to be the only survivors but, over the course of the next few days, two other boats were recovered. It is estimated that over two-thirds of the passengers and crew died. At the time the Admiralty supervised UK merchant ships contracted to carry mail, demanding that they all have wooden hulls. After the Amazon disaster this order was rescinded, so iron hulls became the norm.
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H.M.S Albion, 90 Guns.
H.M.S Albion, 90 Guns. To Captain Lockyer and the Officers of the Ship this print is respectfully dedicated by their very obedient Servant.
H.A Luscombe del.t _T G. Dutton Lith.
Day & Haghe to the Queen.
Rare lithograph, sheet 360 x 445mm (14¼ x 17½"). A few nicks to edges. Adbrasion causing very slight obstruction to the dedication line.
Lithograph showing the H.M.S Albion from her port side. The print is dedicated to Captain Nicholas Lockyer (1781-1847), who died on 27 February, 1847, aged 65, while in command of the Albion at Malta. HMS Albion was a 90-gun second-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy. Ordered in 1839, she was built at Plymouth Dockyard, launched on 6 September 1842, and completed on 23 January 1844. Albion was designed by Sir William Symonds (1782–1856) was the only ship of her class to ever serve as a sailing ship, and the last British two-decker to be completed and enter service without a steam engine. She was the name ship of a class of three second rates; the others being Aboukir and Exmouth.
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Le Calme.
Le Calme. Grave d'apres le Tableau original de Vandervelde de 15. pounces de large sur 12. pounces de haut.
Vandervelde pinx. T. Major sculp.
[A Londres chez l'Auteur Graveur de S.A.R. le Prince de Galles à la Tête d'or dans West Street.][c.1752]
Engraving, watermark, sheet 300 x 395mm (11¾ x 15½"). Trimmed within plate at bottom losing publication line. Small margins on other three sides.
A seascape with sailing boats. One man stands in the shallows seemingly waiting for another man who stands at the sheets of a small sailboat while another approaches in a small rowing boat to the right of it. Vandervelde could either mean Willem van de Velde I (1610-1693) or his son Willem II (1633-1707) as their work can rarely be distinguished.
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Burning of the Ocean Monarch, Emigrant Ship.
Burning of the Ocean Monarch, Emigrant Ship.
From a Sketch by the Prince de Joinville. Lithographed by A. Miller, 4 Harrington St, L'pool.
Published by W. Ellis, 21, Castle St.
Rare tinted lithograph. Sheet 285 x 400mm (11¼ x 15¾"). A little creasing.
Ocean Monarch, an American emigration barque built by Donald McKay in East Boston in 1847, left Liverpool for Boston on the morning of 24 August 1848. Just outside harbour the ship caught fire, driving the passengers to the ship's bowsprit, from which many jumped into the sea. 178 lives were recorded lost. The scene was sketched by François d'Orléans, Prince of Joinville (1818-1900) was the third son of Louis Philippe, King of the French. Leaving France in the aftermath of the 1848 Revolution, he was aboard the Brazilian frigate 'Affonso' (seen here flying the Brazilian flag).
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H.M. Steamship Frigate
H.M. Steamship Frigate "Penelope" To Captain Jones and the Officers of the Ship. this print is repectfully dedicated by their obedient Servant.
T.G. Dutton 1843. T.G. Dutton del & lith. Day & Haghe to the Queen.
[London Ackermann... Strand... Fenchurch Street... Plymouth Edmund Fry]
Rare lithograph, sheet 345 x 430mm (13¼ x 17"). Some nicks and abrasions. Trimmed losing publication line and most of Dutton's signature.
A view of the steam paddle frigate HMS Penelope (1829) with her sails up on the sea. HMS Penelope was first laid down as one of the many sail frigates that England built to a French model. She was then changed to a unique steam paddle frigate. For some time she was a very famous ship, having a claim to being the first steam frigate.
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Admiral Lord Nelson's Attack upon the Combined Fleet, off Trafalgar October 21st 1805.
Admiral Lord Nelson's Attack upon the Combined Fleet, off Trafalgar October 21st 1805.
Published by John Fairburn, 146, Minories.
Very rare etching. 190 x 420mm (7½ x 16½"). Some loss of print surface, especially in key, creased, wear to edges, spotting, laid on album paper.
A plan of the start of the Battle of Trafalgar, with Nelson audaciously ordering his fleet to sail directly at the allied battle line's flank, hoping to break it into pieces. Despite John Fairburn being a successful publisher, we have been unable to trace another example of this print.
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Combat naval de Punto Obligado
Combat naval de Punto Obligado 20 Novembre 1845.
Peint par Barry. Grave par Chavane.
Diagraphe et pantographe-Gavard. Gal'rie hist que de Versailles.
Rare etching and engraving on chine collé. 235 x 325mm (9¼ x 12¾"), with very large margins. Crease that goes through top right of plate mark. Repaired tears to edges.
A depiction of the Battle of Vuelta de Obligado that took place on the waters of the Paraná River 20th November 1845, between the Argentine Confederation, under the leadership of Juan Manuel de Rosas, and a combined Anglo-French fleet. French, and possibly some British, ships fire on the batteries at Punta Obligado during the blockade of the Rio de la Plata; blockade of small boats, probably Argentine, on the far right. Charles Gavard (1794-1871) printmaker, engineer and inventor sometimes signed as “Gavard, diagraphe et pantographe” noting the two devises he developed to copy paintings. Beginning in 1838, Gavard dedicated himself to reproducing the French art from antiquity to 1830 at Versailles. In all, eleven volumes were completed along with an atlas and several supplements holding over 1200 plates. Gavard served as the publisher, editor, and overseer of all the engraved plates.
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