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Atlantic or Western Ocean.
Atlantic or Western Ocean.
Drawn and Engraved for Thomson's New General Atlas. [Edinburgh: John Thomson, c.1815.]
Engraved map with original hand colour. 530 x 650mm (20¾ x 25½"). Paper pasted around printed border at bottom to hide damp stains.
A map of the North Atlantic from Iceland south to the Equator, with the Gulf Stream according to Thomas Pownall (1722-1805)', governor Massachusetts 1757-60) and author of 'Hydraulic and .Nautical Observations', an early examination of the Gulf Stream. Also marked is 'Lord Nelson's Track to the West Indies in Persuit of the French 1805' and 'Nelson Returning', which culminated at the Battle of Trafalgar. Another route is that of 'the United States Ship Insurgent', which operated in European waters during the 'Quasi-War' between the USA and France, caused by the US reneging on the loans given to them by France during the American War of Independence.
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[Map of London highlighting its railway stations]
[Map of London highlighting its railway stations] A Plan of the most direct Roads from the Terminus of the Railways, the Principal Places of Business & Amusement in the Metropolis, to & from the Queen's Arms, Newgate Street, in the centre of the City of London.
[Anon., c.1850]
Engraving, rare; sheet 80 x 115mm (3¼ x 4½"). Repaired damage on left.
Small map produced as publicity for the Queen's Arms tavern on Newgate street, demonstrating its position almost equidistant from most of London's principal railway stations, with a key identifiying other major attractions of the city. Unusually the map rotates the common orientation so that north is to the bottom of the page.
For a billhead for the Queen's Arms tavern see ref. 43245.
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