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The Pictorial Missionary Map of the World.
The Pictorial Missionary Map of the World.
Drawn by John Gilbert. Engraved and Printed by Edmund Evans.
London: James Nisbet & Co., 21, Berniers Street [n.d., c.1850], - Prince one Penny, or 7s. per 100, plain; Twopence, or 14s. per 100. Coloured.
Scarce colour-printed wood-engraved map. Sheet 510 x 760mm (20 x 30"). Edges chipped and torn, splits in folds.
A double-hemisphere map, colour-coded to depict parts of the world as 'Protestant', 'Roman Catholic', 'Greek Church', Mahometan', 'Decayed Christian Churches' (Ethiopia) and 'Heathen'. Scenes in the borders denigrate 'heathen' religions, depicting Sati (Suttee) for 'Cruelty of Hindoo Dolatory' and 'Cruelty of Budhism.-- Infant-burying in China'. Top left two scenes compare druids burning human sacrifices in Stonehenge (with a Straw Man) to 'England under the Gospel'. Other scenes depict Maori war canoes, slaves, 'Liberated Negroes in Sierra Leone and missionaries preaching. Depicts most of Australia, New Zealand and Americas as "Heathens" and American Indians before and after conversion.
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