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[Charles Babbage's Difference Engine].
[Charles Babbage's Difference Engine]. Impression from a woodcut of a small portion of Mr. Babbage's Difference Engine, No. 1, the property of Government, at present deposited in the Museum of King's College, Somerset House.
B. H. Babbage del.
June, 1853.
Woodcut engraving, on album page in ink "from C. Babbage". 215 x 160mm (8½ x 6¼"). Laid on album paper bottom right. Creasing in bottom right corner.
Frontis from "Passages from the Life of a Philosopher" Longman 1864. A small section of Charles Babbage's (1791-1871) Difference Engine No. 1, which was never completed. After Babbage announced plans for his invention in 1822, he drew intense interest from the Government, who agreed to finance his project. However, they withdrew support when the project remained incomplete two decades later and had cost more than ten times the initial budget. By then Babbage's interest drifted towards designing a more general analytical engine. Woodcut engraving by Benjamin Herschel Babbage (1815-1878), Charles' oldest son.
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