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[Dear Old Boz.]
[Dear Old Boz.]
[Engraved by Herbert Sedcole after Sir Edwin Landseer.]
London, Henry Graves & Co. Sept.r 2nd 1889. Copyright.
Proof mixed-method engraving on chine collé. 215 x 215mm (8½ x 8½"), Printsellers' Association blindstamp lower left. With original descriptive text leaf.
Portrait of a favourite terrier of Queen Victoria; the picture was painted in 1865. After Edwin Landseer (1802 - 1873); from 'The Works of Sir Edwin Landseer, R.A., "Library Edition"', issued in parts.
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[Come Over Here!]
[Come Over Here!]
Lilian Cheviot.
Copyright, Published April 17, 1915, by Arthur Ackermann & Son Ltd, 157a New Bond St, London W.
Photogravure, artist's proof, signed in pencil, printed in colour. 450 x 520mm (17¾ x 20½") with very large margins. Fine Art Trade Guild blindstamp. Worm holes filled.
A bulldog, an Irish Terrier & a Scottish Terrier guard the south coast of England. First World War interest. Lilian Cheviot (fl. 1894 - 1920), who lived in South Molesey in Surrey, exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1895 and 1899. She is best known for her painting 'On the way to the Horse Fair'.
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[Cairnach. The picture painted in 1842 is in the possession of Her Majesty the Queen.]
[Sir E. Landseer, R.A. W.J. Josey.]
London, Henry Graves & Co. Dec.r 1891, Copyright.
Mixed-method engraving on chine collé. 230 x 200mm (9 x 8"), with large margins. Printsellers's Association blind stamp. With printed title sheet.
Circular portrait of the head of Cairnach, Queen Victoria's Skye Terrier, painted by Landseer on Prince Albert's commission as a Christmas present for Victoria in 1842. This engraving was published in the Library Edition of Landseer's work.
The original oil is still part of the Royal Collection.
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[High Life.]
[High Life.]
H. Beckwith [pencil signature]. [after Sir Edwin Landseer.]
[n.d., c1849.]
Steel engraving on chine collé. 355 x 270mm (14 x 10¾"), very large margins. Printsellers' Association blindstamp. Spotting on backing paper.
A knight's deerhound, painted by Landseer as a pair to 'Low Life', a terrier guarding his owner's shop.
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Doll a celebrated pointer.
Doll a celebrated pointer. The Property of Mr Gosden.
[Engraved by John Scott after James Barenger.
[Sporting Magazine, 1818.]
Engraving. Sheet 65 x 80mm (2½ x 3¼"). Trimmed to the printed border and pasted on embossed album paper.
A working pointer. Thomas Gosden (1780-1843) was a book and printseller, best known for being 'The Sportsman' painted by Benjamin Marshall, carrying gun, accompanied by his two dogs, one perhaps this pointer.
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