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Oak Hill Shool, Conducted ny J.H. Garvin, A.M.
Oak Hill Shool, Conducted ny J.H. Garvin, A.M.
On Stone by A. Picken. Day & Haghe to the King.
[n.d., 1836.]
Lithograph. Sheet 110 x 170mm (4 x 6¾").
View of Oak Hill School, Isle of Man, with a game of cricket being played. An advert puts the charges as 21 guineas for under 11s, 25 for 11-14, and 30 for above 14. ''The above terms include not only instruction in the practical mathematics and all the branches necessary to qualify either for the Military or Naval Colleges, the Universities or Public Offices, but also washing and extras, stationary excepted. Separate beds are provided.'' The school did not last long: Garvin had left the island by 1840. Rare cricket item. From 'Six Days' Tour through the Isle of Man', believed to have been written by the architect John Welch.
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