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Davenport, sculp.
London Published By Thomas Kelly, 17, Paternoster Row, 1837.
Steel engraving sheet 5½ x 9¼ (140 x 235mm). Repaired tears.
A scene of a river in Belize, a Carribean country in central America. Formally know as British Honduras, a British flag on a pole can be seen waving gently in the foreground, surrounded by a handful of soliders carrying weapons, one seems to be reprimanding a boy holding a dead bird, one of them casually leans on one of the two cannons located on the shoreline and the others stand guard. A man sits in his boat on the shore while another picks up a paddle seemingly about to set off. Two rafts are pushed around the water by men with poles, while a longer boat with four oarsmen glides across the water and a sailing ship with no sails appears to be moored on the right. The surrounding town and more boats can be seen in the distance.
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