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Love and Fortune.
Love and Fortune.
Drawn by J.B. Cipriani R.A. Engraved by F. Bartolozzi R.A.
London Pub.d 25 March 1800 by R. Ackermann at his Repository of the Arts, 101 Strand.
Fine stipple. 270 x 215mm (10¾ x 8½"). Narrow margins.
Cupid, with bird's wings, holds a wreath out of the reach of a butterfly-winged, female Fortune, whose foot is on a ball. Originally published by Diemar in 1789.
State not listed in de Vesme.
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L'Heure du Matin.
L'Heure du Matin.
Mondon le fils Invenit. A Aveline Sculpsit.
Se Vend a Paris chez A. Aveline rue St. Jacques a la Reine de France, et chez Mondon le Fils rue S. Eloi a l'Hôtel Pepin. Avec Privilege du Roy. [n.d. c.1740.]
Rare engraving; paper watermarked. 354 x 430mm (14 x 17"). Crease and fold. Trimmed to the plate.
Inside the bed-chamber: staff tidy and serve breakfast to the right; a woman breastfeeds her baby to the left, above which, a chamber-maid makes the bed. From 'Les Heures du Jour': a set of 4 engravings after Mondon and engraved by François-Antoine Aveline: 4 scenes in a Rocaille style with the coats of arms of the Duke of Châtillon; 1738.
Collector's Stamp on verso.
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P. da Cortona Inv.t. R. Marcuard Sc.t.
Mango Exc.t. Publish'd According to Act of Parl.m 1st Sep.r 1777 for the Proprietor No. 150 Strand.
Stipple, printed in sanguine. 255 x 195mm (10 x 7¾"), with wide margins. Repaired tear & stain on left, entering plate but not image.
A female figure, wearing a turban, a roll of sheet music in her left hand, her right resting on a violin. The British Museum suggests that the publisher is Jakob Mangot.
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Vigilance. See Vigilance stands' rapt. Her starry Eyes, eternally on Guard, Bend their firm Gaze on heav'n: her deathless Torch Flames the bright Emblem of her ferved Zeal; And at her side her feather'd Centinel Unslumb'ring keep his watch.
G.B. Cipriani inv. F. Bartolozzi sculp.
London Pub.d Feb.t 1798 by Colnaghi, Sala, & Co. (late Torre) No.132 Pall Mall.
Stipple and etching. Plate 190 x 136mm (7½ x 5½"). Small margins.
A girl with bare breasts looking up to the heavens holding a flaming torch in her right hand and a cockerel close to her left side.
See De Vesme: 738.
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