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[n.d., c.1750.]
Engraving with original hand colour. 235 x 325mm (9¼ x 12¾"). Trimmed to image, laid on card.
An allegorical scene of the building of a neo-classical building, with an architect showing his plans to smartly-dressed people.
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Frontispiece. Minerva surrounded by figures representing various Arts & Sciences, holding the three Vol.s of the Royal Magazine.
[n.d., c.1760.]
Engraving. Plate: 175 x 110mm (7 x 4¼") with large margins.
An allegorical view showing the figure of Minerva sitting in a classical setting holding volumes of the Royal Magazine from which this print is an illustration.
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Justice. [&] Meekness.
Justice. [&] Meekness. From a Painting of Raphael in the Vatican Palace at Rome.
R. Strange [... ] Romæ delineavit. et Aqua forte fecit A.o 1761, atque A.o 1765. Ære incidit Londini.
[London: Robert Strange, 1790.]
Pair of engravings. Each 510 x 350mm (20 x 13¾"), with very large margins.
Two female allegorical figures: Justice, seated on steps, looking at the scales in her right hand, holding the neck of an ostrich with her left; and Meekness, sitting on a stool, wearing a veil decorated with pearls, one hand at her bare breast, a lamb curled under her foot. Raphael painted the figures of Justice and Meekness in the Sala di Constantino, using oil instead of the fresco of the other decorations in the room, painted by his pupils. They were sketched by Robert Strange in Florence in 1761, engraved by him in London 1768 and published in a collected edition of his engravings. According to a letter written by Strange to the 'Scots Magazine' in 1761: 'leave was solicited, and after much difficulty granted [with the help of Cardinal Carlo Rezzonico, nephew of Pope Clement XIII], that I should erect a scaffold in the Vatican, which, for several years past, has been absolutely prohibited. I began, in that place, with two figures; the one representing 'Justice', and the other 'Meekness', by Raphael; they are in the Hall of Constantine, and were the last things he painted before his death. These figures contain all that is excellent in painting...'.
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[Women as Allegories of the Four Seasons]
[Women as Allegories of the Four Seasons]
[By (Autumn, Winter) and after (Spring, Summer) Wenceslaus Hollar, c.1644-7]
Four etchings, each approx 180 x 140mm (7 x 5"), paired in Hogarth frames, mismatched mounts. Unexamined out of frames.
In 1644 Wenceslaus Hollar etched a set of half-length figures representing the four seasons. Of the present set, Spring and Summer are copies in reverse, probably issued by Peter Stent (publisher of the original set) or Peregrine Lovell. Autumn and Winter are not reversed and are either from a different set of copies or, as seems possible, by Hollar himself. If this were the case, the fact that they are unlettered would make them very rare (Antony Griffiths in 'The Print in Stuart Britain' notes that only three series of these plates before letters are known).
See Pennington 614-7.
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Ludimus. Interea Celeri Nos Ludimur Horá.
Ludimus. Interea Celeri Nos Ludimur Horá. Ferdinando III Austriaco Magno Hetruriae Duci. [with a duplicate, image and inscriptions engraved in reverse.]
Nicolaus Poussin pinx.t. Stephanus Tofanelli delin. Raph. Morghen sculp.t Romae.
Joannus Volpato, et Raphael Morghen D.D.D. [Rome, c.1787.]
Pair of engravings in reverse, extremely rare. Each 540 x 620mm (21¼ x 24¼"). Mounted on album paper at edges. Small margins
A dance to the music of Time, with the Four Seasons dancing in a circle below the chariot of the Sun. To the right is a winged figure of Time playing a lyre; to the left is a twin-headed herm of Janus. In the bottom corners are two putti, one blowing bubbles, the other with an hourglass. The plate was engraved by Raphael Morghen from a drawing by Stephanus Tofanelli, based on the painting by Nicolas Poussin.
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