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L'ecole de l'amour
L'ecole de l'amour
Clermont pinx: F. Pedro sculp. ap N. Cavalli Venetys [c.1770]
Fine engraving, platemark 285 x 220mm (11¼ x 8¾"). Very large margins.
Decorative scene after Jean François Clermont (1717-1817), French artist who also spent time in England working for Horace Walpole, Lord Stafford and the Prince of Wales.
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Ex Dactyliotheca Ducis Malburiensis.
Ex Dactyliotheca Ducis Malburiensis.
G.B. Cipriani del. I.K. Sherwin Sculp.
[n.d. c.1800.]
Stipple and etching in red ink. 255 x 210mm. 10 x 8¼".
The marriage of Cupid and Psyche. The veiled couple walk holding a bird and mourning; Hymen carrying a basket of fruit behind and two cupids leading the way. A copy of Bartolozzi's print after Cipriani's study from a cameo by Tryphon.
De Vesme: 2307; copy. See ref 20469.
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The First Kiss of Love.
The First Kiss of Love. But soft_to wound those tender lips forbear, Or dread, the fatal Vengeance of the Fair: Tho' sharp Your Strings, her eyes can scatter round, Darts, that with more tormenting strings may wound; Nor, as ye sip, inflict the slightest pain, For unreveng's the Wrong will ne'er remain; But gently gather from those precious rills, Th'ambrosial drops each humid lip destills.
G.B. Cipriani inv. F. Bartolozzi Sculps. R. Stanier Excudit.
Pubd. July 1.1787 by R. Stanier No.15 Villiers Street, Strand, & T. Simpson St. Pauls Church Yard.
Stipple and etching. 208 x 235mm (8¼ x 9¼"). Trimmed to plate.
The first kiss of love. A woman sleeping in a garden, reclining on a large sofa, breasts bare, her left arm resting on a cushion, right hand holding roses; Cupid behind her, his left hand lifting a veil over her head, right index finger touching his right eye; to right, a vase on ornamental pedestal.
De Vesme: 1317 iv/iv.
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L'Amitié. P.5.
Huquier ex.
[A Paris chez Huquier rue des Mathurins près celle de Sorbonne. C.P.R.] [n.d., c.1760.]
Fine and rare etching. 160 x 110mm (6¼ x 4¼"), with large margins. Slightly foxed.
A rococo design, engraved and published by Gabriel Huquier (1695-1772), representing friendship, with two chained hearts.
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Love and Affection.
Love and Affection.
London: Pub.d Jan.y 1. 1814 by Jn.o Burgis, 32, Southampton Street, Strand.
Fine stipple, printed in colours and hand-finished. Plate 255 x 305mm (10 x 12"). Narrow margins.
A vignette scene of Venus standing over a brazier with Cupid (with bird's wings) and Affection (with butterfly wings). Two doves coo at their feet. The printed colour is particularly fine.
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Love and Honour.
Love and Honour. To The Right hon.ble the Countess of Eustonm This Print from an Original Drawing by H. Bunbury Esq,,r is with the gratest respect Dedicated by Her Ladyships Obedient Humble Servant W. Dickinson.
H. Bunbury Esq,,r Delint. Engraved by F. Bartolozzi.
London, Publish'd: Dec.r 1st; 1786 by W. Dickinson, Engraver & Printseller No.158 New Bond Street.
Stipple, printed in colours. Sheet 405 x 350mm. Some restoration.
A dragoon embraces a young woman before leaving, as another rider holds his rearing horse. A scene from 'The Tobacco Box', author unknown. After Henry William Bunbury (1750 - 1811). The colour is particularly fine.
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Love and Hope.
Love and Hope.
H. Bunbury Esq,,r Delint. C. Knight fecit.
London, Publish'd: Decr. 1st; 1786 by W. Dickinson, Engraver & Printseller No.158 New Bond Street.
Stipple, printed in colour. Sheet 400 x 450mm. Some restoration.
An oval scene of a young woman flirting with a seated soldier holding a rifle, as another woman watches from a gate. A pair to 'Love and Jealousy', both after Henry William Bunbury (1750 - 1811). The colour is particularly fine.
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Love Masked
Love Masked
Published as the Act directs Oct 10 1799 by P.W.Tomkins, No.49 New Bond Street London.
Fine stipple, printed in colours. 180 x 165mm (7 x 6½"), with large margins. Tears in margins, some soiling of edges. Uncut. Publishing line slightly faded.
An infant Cupid hides behind a huge Tragic mask. A pair to 'Cupid Unmasked'.
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Love Sheltered.
Love Sheltered. It's a cold, rainy night, and I'm wet to the skin / And I have lost my way, Ma'am: so pray let me in [...]
H. Thomson Pinx.t W.m Say Sculp.t
London, Published Nov.r 1806 by H. Macklin, 39, Fleet Street
Mezzotint, Open-letter proof, rare, platemark 655 x 415mm (25¾ x 16¼"), with very large margins.
Allegorical scene after one of the major works of Henry Thomson (1777-1843), engraved the same year as the Thomson painted the picture. Thomson was elected as a Royal Academician two years earlier, in 1804, and in 1825 would succeed Henry Fuseli as keeper of the Royal Academy. The publisher, Hannah Macklin, was the widow of Thomas Macklin, continuing his business after his death in 1801.
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Market of Love.
Market of Love.
F. Bartolozzi R.A. Engraver to His Majesty, invt. & sculpt.
Publish'd 4th May, 1801, by Anth.y Molteno, Printseller to her Royal Highness the Duchess of York, No.29 Pall Mall, London.
Stipple and etching, on later paper, 225 x 265mm (9 x 10½").
In front of a tree, four classical women kneeling and standing around a fenced enclosure holding three winged putti; in the background on the left, another nymph carrying away a putto on her shoulder. A reissue of the plate published in 1795 by Molteno and C. Guisan, with evidence of wear. By Francesco Bartolozzi (1728 - 1815).
De Vesme 440, undescribed state. See BM 1951,0723.21.
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Maternal Affection.
Maternal Affection. From a Bas Relief in Hurst Church.
R. Westmacott R.A. sculpr. Drawn on Stone by H. Corbould.
[London: F. Moser, 1820.]
Lithograph on india paper, india 305 x 275mm. 12 x 10¾". India paper creased and bubbled.
Classical design in a roundel; a young woman kneeling in profile to right holding a child in her lap which looks up at her while two other children lean against her back. From an edition of four lithographs of which there is a complete set in original wrappers in the BM. The wrapper is lettered: 'The Art of Design of the English School, in a Series of Drawings on Stone: from original works in Painting & Sculpture'. Sir Richard Westmacott (1775 - 1856) is the sculptor. A Royal Academician and Professor of Sculpture at the Royal Academy, Westmacott was responsible for the design of 'The Progress of Civilization', the sculpture for the British Museum pediment. He received commissions for monuments in all parts of the country, as well as in India and the colonies.
BM 1893,0803.84.
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Matrimonial Map.
Matrimonial Map.
A. Houghton.
[n.d. c.1830]
Pen and ink drawing, sheet 180 x 230mm (7¼ x 9"), including large margins. Some surface dirt in margins.
An allegorical map of Matrimony, with the Gulf of Matrimony, Petticoat Government and Land of Spinsters.
[Ref: 62271]   £180.00  
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The Universal Power of Love.
The Universal Power of Love. Motto.
Kirke pinx. Ant. Cardon sculp.
Tomkins scrip. Cooper sculp. [n.d., c.1813.]
Scarce stipple. 365 x 290mm (14¼ x 11½"), with large margins.
A portrait of the figure of love shown holding a torch and bow and arrow, with verse by Erasmus Darwin.
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Amores Naturales.
Amores Naturales. Ex. Plinio Lib. 36. Cap. 5. Varroni docto celebratum opus Arcesilia, Pulchre haec, Spectator, picta Tabella refert. Marmoreo lapidj torua est incisa Leaena, Parte omni aligeris cincta Cupidinibus. [...]
Ioan. Stradanus delineabat. Theodor. Galle Sculp. Phl.s Galle excud.
Antwerp, [n.d. c.1600]
Engraving, 17th century watermark. 235 x 175mm (9¼ x 7"). Trimmed to plate. Some minor creasing.
An allegorical scene of Natural Love in which a group of putti play with a marble lion sculpted by Arcesilaus, celebrated for his art throughout Rome in the first century BCE. This scene is from Pliny the Elder's 'Natural History' book 36 chapter 4, rather than 5 as the inscription claims.
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Our Grandmother's Courtship.
Our Grandmother's Courtship. What a lucky dog were you Grandpapa! Frederick Locker.
[n.d. c.1880]
Proof steel engraving, 290 x 230mm (11½ x 9").
A young couple embrace next to a highly decorated wall and fireplace. With a line from Frederick Locker-Lampson's (18211895) poem, 'To my Grandmother.'
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Veneris Triumphus.
Veneris Triumphus. Illa quidem totum dignissima temperat orbem. Illa tenet nullo regna minora Deo. Ovid: Fast: Lib: IV.V: 91.
C. Cignani inv: et. del: J.M. Liotard sculpsit.
[n.d., 1743.]
A rare & fine engraving. Sheet 500 x 865mm (19¾ x 34") Trimmed within plate.
A scene representing Love's triumph over learning, glory and the arts, one of seven cartoons drawn by Carlo Cignani (1628-1719) for the fresco decorations on the walls of a room in the Palazzo del Giardino at Parma. Venus sits holding Cupid in her arms as her triumphal chariot (drawn by two young satyrs and two putti with their hands tied behind their backs) crushes a book, an eagle standard, a sword, a pair of compasses, a laurel-wreath and a palette. The procession is headed by a winged youth playing a harp and includes the Three Graces. Cignani's frescoes were begun in about 1678 and survive today, although they suffered damage in the Second World War. The cartoons came into the possession of Joseph Smith (1682-1770, the British consul at Venice, 1744-60, and patron of Canaletto) in the 1730s, where Jean Michel Liotard saw them and engraved them for his 'Monochromata Septem Caroli Cignanti Bononiensis', as this print. The cartoons were bought by George III in 1762 and are now in the Royal Collection at Hampton Court.
[Ref: 46261]   £480.00  
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