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[Four Elements.] Terra. [&] Aer. [&] Ingis. [&] Aqua.
[Four Elements.] Terra. [&] Aer. [&] Ingis. [&] Aqua. 1 [-4]
Stef. de la Bella invent fecit.
ex. Cum Privil. Regis Christ.
Set of four etchinga. each 85 x 195mm (3¼ x 7¾"), large margins. Laid on album paper, one sheet.
The set of Four Elements: Earth & Air are landscapes; Fire and Water are seascapes, Fire with a ships on fire, Water with a storm. Etched by Stefano della Bella (1610-54), one of the greatest of Italian printmakers, whose diverse output, characterised by the compression of great precision and detail into small composions, has been the focus of a number of exhibitions and scholarly publications in recent years. It was also influential on later seventeenth century printmakers such as François Collignon and Israel Silvestre.
De Vesme 753-6., states ii of iii. From the Airlie collection, Cortachy Castle.
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