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Cape Coast Castle.
Cape Coast Castle. Zouaves Embarking for Sierra Leone.
Lieu.t Bale 1st West India Reg.t Del. C.F. Kell, lith: Castle Street, E.C.
London, Published by Thomas McLean, 7, Haymarket Nov.r 16, 1873.
Rare tinted lithograph. Printed area 335 x 460mm (13¼ x 18"), with large margins.
A view of Cape Coast Castle, a former slave fort in Ghana, showing the fortifications from the rocky beach. It shows rowboats filled with members of the 1st West India Regiment, light infantry soldiers recruited in Jamaica who went to the Gold Coast of Africa to fight in the Ashanti War of 1873-4. ('Zouaves' is a term adopted from similar French units). John Edward Bale (1834-1913), retired in 1881 as a major, and was a member of the Ipswich Fine Art Club 1886-1890.
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