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A Coroners Inquest.
A Coroners Inquest. Juror_ The Man's alive Sir, for he has open'd one eye. Coroner_Sir the doctor declar'd him Dead two hours since & he must remain Dead Sir, so I shall proceed with the Inquest.
F. Delt.
London. Published by Tho.s Mc.Lean 26 Haymarket 1826.
Aquatint with fine hand-colouring, platemark 210 x 250mm (8¼ x 9¾"). Trimmed; glued to backing sheet at corners.
BM Satires 15361.
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[A Judge.]
[A Judge.]
[Drawn & engraved by William Henry Pyne.]
Published by William Miller, Albermarle Street, Jan.y 1. 1805.
Hand-coloured aquatint, with letterpress sheet. Sheet: 365 x 250mm (14½ x 9¾"). Staple in bottom left corner.
A portrait of a Judge shown seated in large wooden chair with a large book resting on his knee. From 'The Costume of Great Britain', a book containing 60 plates of people at work and scenes of everyday life. William Henry Pyne (1769-1843), the son of a London weaver who became an artist and writer, was commissioned to write and illustrate the book by the publisher, William Miller of Albermarle Street, London. The illustrations are particularly notable as they portray British life on the eve of the Industrial Revolution.
Abbey Life 430.
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[After Adriaen van Ostade.]
[n.d., c.1790.]
Original colour mezzotint. Fine. Sheet 305 x 245mm, 12 x 9¾". Trimmed & laid on album paper.
A Dutch lawyer in his office, after a painting by Adriaen van Ostade (1610-85).
Ex collection of the Hon. Christopher Lennox-Boyd
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A. Ostade Pinx.t R. Houston fecit [c.1780]
Rare mezzotint, sheet 335 x 255mm (13¼ x 10"). Trimmed inside platemark, losing publication line;
Engraving of a painting by Dutch artist Adriaen Jansz van Ostade (1610 - 1685) with library books on right, it was the basis of at least three different engravings in Georgian England.
For other versions of this image see refs. 14391 and 13836.
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[Physic.] [&] [Law.]
[Physic.] [&] [Law.]
Ostade Pinx. [A Walker Sculpt. ]
[J. & J. Boydell, London.. 1775.]
Pair of engravings. 286 x 392mm.
Very fine pair of proof engravings after the paintings by Adriaen van Ostade in the Collection of Alderman Beckford.
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[The old prosecutor]
[The old prosecutor] Le Procureur antique. / Ce rusé Procureur assis à son bureau, / De meme que le Chat, enclin à la rapine [...]
F. Eisen Pere pinx. C.F. Macret sculp.
A Paris chez Mr. Alliamet Graveur du Roi, rue des Mathurins vis à vis celle des Maçons; Et chez L'Auteur rue Gallande vis à vis celle des Rats, chez un Horloger [c.1763]
Fine engraving, platemark 315 x 255mm (12½ x 10"). Trimmed to platemark top and bottom; glued to album sheet at corners.
Scene in trompe l'oeil border with a wiley old prosecutor (and his equally rapacious cat) trying to think of new ways to ruin impoverished defendants. Engraved after François Eisen (c.1695-1778), painter who specialised in such genre pictures in a light-hearted Flemish manner. Eisen's son Charles was also a notable artist, hence the need to identify Eisen as 'Pere' [father] on this print.
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