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''Buzz''. To the President and Members of the Beef Steak Club, this print is most respectfully Dedicated.
M.W.Sharp. Pinx.t. W.m Sharp Sculp.t.
London, Published July 4th. 1834 by Tho.s Mclean, 26 Haymarket.
Mezzotint. Sheet: 335 x 250mm (13 x 9¾"). Scratches in top left corner. trimmed to platemark.
A comic portrait of a middle aged man shaking the last drop out of a decanter. The Beefsteak Club or the Sublime Society was a dining club which, in 1834, met at the Bedford Coffee House, where members would dine on steak and potatoes and drank port. Members were required to wear a uniform of a blue coat with a buff waistcoat with brass buttons. The member depicted also wears a gridiron medal, the gridiron being the symbol of the club. An empty bottle and a corkscrew are on the table.
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The Clubbists.
The Clubbists.
Painted by Sir David Wilkie, R.A - Engraved by W. Greatbach. The Original Painted for Leigh Hunt, Esq:
[n.d. c.1815.]
Engraving. 317 x 246mm. 12½ x 9¾".
Men sitting around a table in a club, one wearing a tricorn, with a hand on the punch bowl, another pointing at the contents, both looking up and talking to the butler, who stands between them, scratching his chin; other men to right, carousing, one sitting in the left foreground, inspecting a watch-chain. Illustration to Leigh Hunt's "Classic Tales", 1807.
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A. Courcett Fecit.
Printed and Sold by W. Belch, 258, High St. Borough [n.d., c.1830].
Coloured aquatint, sheet 183 x 150mm. Trimmed to plate, tear just into image lower right corner.
A woman enjoys a favourite tipple. Paper watermarked 'Abbey Mill 1829'.
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Délices des Flamans.
Délices des Flamans. Dédie à Son Altesse Sérénissime Monseig.r le Comte de Clermont Prince du Sang.
D. Teniers pinx. L. Lempereur sculp. Gravé d’après le Tableau Original de David Teniers, par son très-humble et très-obéissant serviteur, Louis Lempereur.
à Paris, chés l’Auteur, ruë des Rats, vis-à-vis cette des trois Portes. [n.d., c.1760.]

An atmospheric pub interior with men eating and drinking.
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[Dining scene]
[Dining scene]
Invented by S. Fuller
Aquatint with very fine hand-colouring, sheet 135 x 185mm (5¼ x 7¼"). Trimmed inside platemark; glued to backing sheet.
A happy diner with a suckling pig on his plate.
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[A dinner party.]
[A dinner party.]
Imp. de Jacomme et Cie. rue de Lancry, 16, Paris [c.1850].
Lithograph on india laid paper, image 210 x 280mm. 8¼ x 11".
An upmarket French dinner party in a lavishly decorated interior. With collector's blindstamp of Adolphe Moreau below dated 1851, and stamped with number '113' upper left corner of sheet. Moreau's collection of 19th century French paintings compiled in the 1840s was augmented between 1898 and 1906 by Impressionist works bought by his grandson Etienne Moreau-Nélaton, the painter and art historian. The entire collection was given to the French state in 1906 and divided between the Musée du Louvre and Musée d'Orsay.
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[Two drunkards]
[Two drunkards] A deux porton bien un tonneau de biere Un chargé d'un pot tombe en larduiere [parallel text in German and Dutch]
[Carolus Manderinus inventor] Nicolaus Brauius fecit hoc
[Honervogt exc]
Engraving, sheet 225 x 170mm (8¾ x 6¾"). Trimmed, losing some text; glued to backing sheet.
The effects of too much wine! A drunken man, vomits while collapsed on the floor, while another tries to draw his attention to two men behind carrying a large barrel. Genre scene after Karel van Mander I (1548-1606). Van Mander is now chiefly remembered as an important writer on art, but there are also some 150 engravings after his designs, many of which have a Christian moral below the image provided either by van Mander or one of the Haarlem schoolmasters he was acquainted with.
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[A Work of Art. (The Epicure).]
[A Work of Art. (The Epicure).]
W Dendy Sadler. Chas. O. Murray. [pencil signatures.] W Dendy Sadler [etched into the plate.]
London Published 1913 by L.H. Lefevre & Son, 1A King St. St James, S.W. the proprietors of the Copyright Printed by T. Brooker & Co. Copyright 1913 by L.H. Lefevre & Son in U.S.A.
Etching. Plate 400 x 311mm. 15¾ x 12¼".
A man sat as his table eating oysters, with a decanter of wine. Remarque of a plate of oysters in the bottom margin.
Limited Edition: 325.
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The Flemish Repast.
The Flemish Repast. You see both Male & Female clear Will Tipple There as well as Here. 201
A. Kraus pinx.t. Wilson fecit.
London Printed for Rob.t Sayer No 53 in Fleet Street, Published as the Act directs February 1771.
Rare mezzotint, platemark 350 x 250mm (13¾ x 9¾") very large margins. Slight creasing.
Flemish genre scene, engraved in mezzotint by James Wilson after Carl August Krause (1724-64).
For coloured impression see ref. 36304.
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[The Flemish Repast.]
[The Flemish Repast.]
[after Carl August Krause]
[n.d., c.1760.]
Copper engraving, proof before all letters. 405 x 300mm, 16 x 11¾". Trimmed to plate.
Flemish genre scene, attributed on reverse to Jacques-Firmin Beauvarlet although as the print is not included in the IFF catalogue of his work this is uncertain. The same image was engraved in mezzotint by James Wilson in 1771, and on that print Carl August Krause (1724-64) was named as artist.
Not in IFF. For Wilson's mezzotint see British Museum no. 2010,7081.1063
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Les Baignets.
Les Baignets. Dedies a Madame la Presidente du Plaa. Par...De Launay.
H. Fragonard inv. et del. N. De Launay Sculp.
AParis chez De Launay, Graveur du Roy, la Porte Cochère près la rue des Rats, Rue de la Bucherie. A.P.D.R. [n.d., 1782.]
Engraving, 290 x 330mm. 11½ x 13". Rather tatty extremities.
A rustic interior, children sitting at a table watching a woman, kneeling by the fireplace, making some fritters in a frying pan. In an oval frame on a pedestal with coat of arms. After Jean Honoré Fragonard (1732 - 1806), painter and etcher; pupil of Chardin, then Boucher. It was advertised in the 'Journal de Paris' 2 May 1782; from a set of eight.
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W Dendy Sadler. Charles H Boucher. [pencil signatures.] W Dendy Sadler [etched into the plate.]
London, Published 1909 by L.H. Lefevre & Son, 1A King Street. St. James's S.W.1. the proprietors of the Copyright. Copyright 1909 by E.L. Knoedler. New York. Printed in London by A. Holdgate & Sons.
Etching. Plate 438 x 330mm. 17¼ x 13". Some time staining.
Grandfather asleep in his armchair after a dinner, the remnants of which can be seen behind at the table. Children's toys: a doll, skittles, a rocking horse, a racket and shuttlecock and a broken doll, and scattered around his feet. Remarque of a portrait of Queen Victoria as a child in the bottom margin.
PSA: Rem.A.P. 350. Present 25.
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Indulging. Engraved from the Original Picture in the Collection of John Slater, Esq.r To whom this Plate is respectfully dedicated by his obliged Serv.ts W. Kidd and W.H.Watt.
Painted by W. Kidd. Engraved by W.H.Watt.
London Published March 1st 1837 by Ackermann & Co. 95 Strand.
Mezzotint. Sheet: 415 x 320mm (16¼ x 12¼"). Trimmed to platemark. Slight foxing.
An interior scene in which a black servant drinks from a wine glass left over from his master's lunch while the master sleeps, a woman spots him from behind the door.
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The Loaf Lecture.
The Loaf Lecture. "A fair day's wages for a fair day's labour" is a very good maxim, and a very favourite one, with English working men [...]
G. Cruik.k J. Johnstone
London: William Tweedie, 337, Strand. [c.1855]
Rare woodcut with hand-colouring and letterpress, sheet 455 x 280mm (18 x 11"). Folds and tears.
Scene contrasting the lifestyles of two neighbours working for similar wages. One (in whose home the scene is set) has a tidy home, a respectably-dressed family, and eats healthily. The other stuggles to feed his family, furnish his home, and dresses himself and his family in rags. The difference between them is that one is teetotal and the other drinks, and the former explains this by setting out the financial and health benefits of how barley is used to make bread as opposed to beer. One of a set of seven 'Temperance Placards', with image designed by George Cruikshank (1792-1878). The son of a notable satirist (who died following a drinking match when George was only 19, leaving him as the family breadwinner), Cruikshank was a prolific and celebrated caricaturist from an early age. Alongside contemporaries such as Rowlandson and Gillray, he ridiculed the excesses of late Georgian Britain with devastating effectiveness (George IV eventually paid him 'not to caricature His Majesty in any immoral situation'). However, in later life Cruikshank's work became increasingly didactic. After designing his series 'The Bottle' (1847) Cruikshank decided to become teetotal himself, and work for the temperance cause consumed a large amount of his time from then until the end of his life. The 'Temperance Placards' are typical examples of the projects he now favoured.
Cohn 2028; for 'The Bottle' see ref. 35414
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ABrouwer Vorsterman junior sc. [c.1650]
Etching, scarce, 195 x 140mm (7¾ x 5½"). Trimmed; glued to backing sheet on left.
First state, before verses in Dutch added, of print after Adriaen Brouwer illustrating the vice of drinking.
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[Man drinking]
[Man drinking]
HGolts f
P Goos ex [c.1600]
Etching, sheet 165 x 130mm (6½ x 5"). Trimmed around image; staining at corners; crease bottom left.
Genre etching possibly by Henrik Goltzius.
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From the Original in the possession of Count Lamburg Springerstein.
From the Original in the possession of Count Lamburg Springerstein.
Brakenburg Pinx.t J. Bouvier lith.o
London Published by A. Friedel, 34, Surry Street, Strand, Feb.y 1830. Dean & Munday Threadneedle Street.
Lithograph, rare with large margins. 406 x 272mm. 16 x 10¾".
Looking an arch-framed doorway into a room where a man sits holding a glass of wine; on a barrel in front there is a jug of wine and a fish on a plate. A small bird in a cage hangs from the ceiling above him and a picture of a cat on the wall behind.
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[Two monks drinking and smoking]
[Two monks drinking and smoking]
EC [ms below image]
Fine mezzotint, scarce, platemark 270 x 220mm (10½ x 8½") very large margins. Glued to backing sheet.
[Ref: 46001]   £280.00  
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[The Old, Old Song.]
[The Old, Old Song.]
W. Denby Sadler. James Dobie [Pencil signatures.]
London Published 1920 by L.H.Lefevre & Son 1a King Street St.James's S.W, the proprietors of the Copyright. Printed by F. Brooker & Co.
Proof etching, limited edition signed by the artist and engraver, remark of a line from 'Old Lang Syne'. 490 x 640mm, 19¼ x 25¼". Printsellers' blind-stamp.
Gentlemen gathered around a table laden with fruit and nuts.
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The Philosopher of Bacchus.
The Philosopher of Bacchus.
VanHarep pinx.t C. Corbett fecit.
[n.d. c.1760.]
Rare mezzotint. Platemark 355 x 250mm (14 x 10"). Repairs in margins.
A man stands with a clay pipe in his right hand on his hip. In his left hand he holds a glass of wine up to the light to inspect it. 'C. Corbutt', the name used to sign this print, was a pseudonym used by the Irish engraver Richard Purcell when plagarising the work of others, usually for the publisher Robert Sayer.
[Ref: 47671]   £260.00  
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A Pillar Committee.
A Pillar Committee.
[Published by Jones and Co., 3, Warwick Square; and J.L. Marks, Piccadilly, 1821]
Etching with hand-colouring, platemark 115 x 195mm (4½ x 7¾"). Small margins.
Plate from 'Real Life in Ireland' by the author and writer on boxing Pierce Egan (1821), unsigned but probably by either Alken, Heath or Williams. Egan (1772-1849). 'Real Life in Ireland' was the sequel to Egan's greatest success, 'Life in London', and like the earlier book focused on contrasts between the misery of low life and the prodigal waste and folly of high life.
Abbey Life 282; for a portrait of Egan see ref. 7901.
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[The Prodigal Son Revelling with Harlots]
[The Prodigal Son Revelling with Harlots]
[After Sébastien Leclerc II, c.1760s]
Rare mezzotint, sheet 305 x 425mm (12 x 16¾"). Trimmed inside platemark lower edge; creases.
A young gentleman dining with three women, one of whom he embraces. On the left an old woman, unnoticed, gathers coins left on a gaming table. Anonymous continental copy of a plate from a set of six depicting the parable of the prodigal son, engraved by Richard Purcell after Sébastien Leclerc II. There also exists a contemporary British copy of the print (in reverse), titled 'Women & Wine'.
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Tinier inv: B.Lens ex.
[London: John Boydell, 1805.]
Mezzotint. Sheet 125 x 85mm (5 x 3"). Trimmed within plate, mounted in album paper.
A couple dancing outside a tavern, other revellers behind with a man playing bagpipes. Engraved by Bernard Lens II after David Teniers the Younger, published by John Boydell in his 'Collection of Portraits'.
BM: 2010,7081.81, Ex: Collection of The Hon. C. Lennox-Boyd.
[Ref: 31985]   £120.00   (£144.00 incl.VAT)
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Seeing A Friend Home.
Seeing A Friend Home.
Drawn from Life & on Stone by Henry Wilkin. Printed by Engelmann, Graf, Coindet & Co.
London, Published by J. Dickinson New Bond Street.
Lithograph. Sheet 394 x 566mm. 15½ x 22¼". Very slight staining around and some small tears the edges of margins. Uncut.
Three men in a drunken stupor attempt to escort home the particularly far-gone man in then middle.
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Sowing the Wind.
Sowing the Wind.
W Dendy Sadler. James Dobie [pencil signatures.] W Dendy Sadler [etched into the plate.]
Copyright 1901, by Arthur Tooth & Sons, 5 & 6 Haymarket, London. 41; Boulevard des Capucines, Paris; 229, Fifth Avenue, New York & Steifdold....
Etching. Plate 432 x 350mm. 17 x 13¾".
A gentleman seated outside with a glass of port in his hand and a cane in the other, a basket of fruit and decante sit on the table; his left foot rests on a cushion and his top hat is placed next to him.
[Ref: 19171]   £220.00  
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[Tavern scene.]
[Tavern scene.] V, II. p: 182.
[n.d. c.1780.]
Engraving. Plate 127 x 82mm. 5 x 3¼".
A drinking scene inside a tavern. Men and women sitting and standing drinking into the night, one particular man standing near to the large fire, smokes a pipe whilst gazing across at a woman seated next to a magician. Behind the curtain another man tries to sleep.
Ex Norman Blackburn Collection.
[Ref: 18820]   £50.00   (£60.00 incl.VAT)
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The Vineyard Festival.
The Vineyard Festival.
Burney del. Neagle sculp.
Published by Dr. Trusler, Feb.1.1792.
Engraving. 190 x 130mm (7½ x 5"). Trimmed to platemark
Male and female figures dance around a central ornament whilst musicians and men bringing wine look on.
[Ref: 32124]   £70.00   (£84.00 incl.VAT)
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[The Wine Tasters.]
[The Wine Tasters.]
J.M. Kronheim & Co. London.
1st. September 1854.
Aquatint with etching. 380 x 459mm. 15 x 18".
Inside a cellar ten men sit around a barrel sampling various wines, an eleventh man to the far right passing-by with a candle. J.M. Kronheim & Co. London. were fine chromolithographers and embosseres based on Shoe Lane, London. They were Baxter licencees.
[Ref: 26065]   £260.00  
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