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Catalogue: Trades
[Woodcutter.] 35.
J West 1810.
Lithograph. 128 x 184mm (4¾ x 7¼").
A scene of a woodcutter and his apprentice on a barge; the young apprentice places a loaded basket of wood onto the head of a woman.
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The Woodman.
The Woodman. Far removed from noise and smoak, [/] Hark I hear the woodman's stroke...
Published 16th May 1793 by Rob.t Sayer & C.o Fleet Street London.
Fine hand-coloured mezzotint. Plate: 250 x 350mm (9¾ x 13¾"). Small margins. Some chips in edges.
A portrait of a woodman, stood by a fallen tree and his dog, behind them two woodmen say through a large log.
[Ref: 42598]   £280.00   (£336.00 incl.VAT)
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[Worsted Winder.]
[Worsted Winder.]
[Drawn & engraved by William Henry Pyne.]
Published by William Miller Albermarle Street, Jan.y 1. 1805.
Hand-coloured aquatint, with letterpress page. Sheet: 365 x 250mm (14½ x 9¾"), Charles Wise watermark 1819. Staple in bottom left corner.
A scene in a workshop showing a worsted winder winding worsted upon a bobbin. From 'The Costume of Great Britain', a book containing 60 plates of people at work and scenes of everyday life. William Henry Pyne (1769-1843), the son of a London weaver who became an artist and writer, was commissioned to write and illustrate the book by the publisher, William Miller of Albermarle Street, London. The illustrations are particularly notable as they portray British life on the eve of the Industrial Revolution.
Abbey Life 430.
[Ref: 44617]   £130.00   (£156.00 incl.VAT)
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