VAT included (see terms) | Exclude VAT Duchess of Hamilton. Duchess of Hamilton.
F. Cotes pinx.t. R. Brookshaw Fecit
Printed for Rob.t Sayer No.53 in King Street
Mezzotint, platemark 155 x 115mm (6 x 4½") very large margins.
Elizabeth Hamilton [née Gunning], duchess of Hamilton and Brandon (1733-90), courtier. She first met James Hamilton, 6th Duke of Hamilton and Argyll, at a party in January 1752 and they married the following month at a chapel in Curzon Street, Mayfair. The duke had forgotten to bring a ring so married her with a bed-curtain ring fetched from his house. The duke brought Elizabeth back to Scotland where, dividing their time between Edinburgh and Hamilton, they were at the centre of Scottish society. The duke died in 1758 after catching a chill while out hunting and Elizabeth remarried the following year, to 'Handsome Jack Campbell' (1723-1806), a professional soldier. When George III married Princess Charlotte in 1761, Elizabeth was chosen as one of the ladies of the bedchamber, and became a figure of real significance in the household of Queen Charlotte. Engraving after a portrait by Francis Cotes (and copied in reverse from an earlier print from the same portrait).
For the print from which this derives see ref. 34421. CS: 13 II of II.
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Miss Crusse's.
Miss Crusse's.
J. Reynolds Pinx. R. Brookshaw Fecit.
Printed for John Bowles No. 13 in Cornhill.
Mezzotint and Etching with very large margins. 120mm x 150mm (4¾" x 6").
Portrait of Miss Emma and Miss Elizabeth Crewe, sisters of John Crewe (later Lord Crewe). Reduced copy of another print from the same Reynolds portrait by Richard Brookshaw (also published by Bowles).
CS 7; not in Hamilton.
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[Portrait of François du Quesnoy]
[Portrait of François du Quesnoy] Hic ille est quondam Fratri vix dispar in arle, felix! [...]
Tabulae per A: Van Dyck ad vivum depictae R. Brookshaw fc.t
Bruxellis Annon Salutis 1779
Mezzotint, sheet 205 x 160mm (8 x 6¼"). Trimmed inside platemark; false margins added. Rare.
François du Quesnoy (1597-1643), sculptor and draughtsman, gesturing towards a small bust. Du Quesnoy moved to Rome in 1618 (he was a friend and housemate of Nicholas Poussin) and spent the rest of his life in Italy (earning the sobriquet 'il Fiammingo'- 'the Flemish'). Apparently after a portrait by Van Dyck, and published by the British engraver Richard Brookshaw when he was briefly resident in du Quesnoy's hometown of Brussels.
CS p.99; Ex: collection of the Hon. C. Lennox-Boyd.
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Le Jugement De Paris.
Le Jugement De Paris. Grave d'apres le Tableau Original, qui est au Cabinet de M. le Comte de Cuypers et de Rymenam, a Brusselles.
R. Brookshaw fecit, 1778.
Mezzotint printed in sanguine, sheet 305 x 390mm. 12 x 15¼". Trimmed. Vertical crease through plate. Stained/soiled.
Paris was the son of Priam, king of Troy, and appears in a number of Greek legends. He awards the Apple of Discord to the goddess Aphrodite, choosing her as winner in a contest of beauty also involving Hera and Athena. By Richard Brookshaw (1736 - c. 1804), mezzotinter and draughtsman. He worked in London, Paris (from 1773), Brussels and Amsterdam (1779).
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Provision for the Convent.
Provision for the Convent.
R. Brookshaw Fecit.
[n.d., c.1790.]
Mezzotint. 150 x 115mm (6 x 4½") very large margins.
A comic scene showing a happy monk, dressed in his cassock and wearing a crucifix, carrying a woman concealed in a bundle of hay.
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The Jovial Flanderkins,
The Jovial Flanderkins, after a Painting of Teniers.
Brookshaw fecit
Printed for John Bowles, at No.13 in Cornhil [n.d., c.1780].
Mezzotint, 355 x 255mm. Paper age toned, some foxing, small repaired tear lower left margin.
Pipe smoking Flemish peasants after Teniers, by Richard Brookshaw, mezzotinter and draughtsman (1736 - c.1804).
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