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[Mr Garrick in Richard the Third.]
[Mr Garrick in Richard the Third.]
N. Dance pinx.t. J. Dixon Fecit.
Published according to Act of Parliament April 28 1772 by John Boydell Engraver, Cheapside, London
Mezzotint, platemark 635 x 395mm (25 x 15½"). Finished proof with scratched inscription; small margins; slight foxing.
David Garrick (1717-1779), English actor and theatrical manager, in the role of Richard III. By the time this print was published Garrick was particularly associated with this role. Hogarth also painted Garrick in the same role. Engraved from the painting by Nathaniel Dance shortly after it was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1771. The painting is owned by Stratford-upon-Avon Town Council. It was acquired by Sir Watkin Williams Wynne, who reputedly outbidded Garrick himself (who had promised to buy the painting for his wife!). Garrick is known to have admired this print and sent impressions to his friends with complimentary lines printed and pasted on the back. It was also used as the model for Derby porcelain statuettes.
Lennox-Boyd 28 i/ii; CS 15 i/ii; for other prints of Garrick as Richard III see refs. 12907 and 20562.
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