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[The Newsmongers.]
[The Newsmongers.]
J Donaldson delint. J Finlayson fect.
Publish'd May 1st. 1769.
Mezzotint, proof before title, 355 x 450mm. 14 x 17¾". Very scarce and fine.
Two smiths and a tailor gossiping, one leaning on his hammer, open-mouthed, the second pausing hammer in hand, agog to hear the news the tailor has rushed in to tell them. All three figures are caricatured. Illustrates Act 4 Scene 2 of The Life and Death of King John by William Shakespeare. After John Donaldson (1737 - 1801), a good impression with margins.
Chaloner Smith: undescribed. Ex: Collection of The Hon. C. Lennox-Boyd.
[Ref: 10565]   £750.00  
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