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The Royal Charlotte Auricula.
The Royal Charlotte Auricula.
Printed for Carington Bowles, N.o 69 in St Pauls Church Yard, London.
Fine & very rare mezzotint. 355 x 245mm (14 x 9¾"). False margins added. A tiny amount of time staining in the publication line.
A fantastic image. Still life of a pink primula auricula in a plant pot. A bird, likely a bullfinch, perches on the lip of the pot and a butterfly, possibly a monarch, sits on the leaves.
Gordon Dunthorne Flower and Fruit Prints p223.
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Eagle beating Eleanor.
Eagle beating Eleanor. A Match for 200 Gs. run accross the Flat Newmarket - Oct.r Meeting 1804.
I. Whessell pinxt.
Published March 1, 1809 by Edward Orme, Printseller to the King Engraver & Publisher Bond St.r, corner of Brook St. London.
Mezzotint with very fine colour. 387mm x 293mm (15¼ x 11½"). Trimmed to plate mark and mounted with false margins in keeping with contemporary practise
Eagle, sired by Volunteer, was described by the Sporting Magazine of 1806 as 'the finest Horse ever seen, and was superior in speed to Any horse in England of his time'. He was the first major stud export to America. This print was stored in a contemporary album, maintaining the quality of the colour.
Not found in Siltzer.
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Eagle & Fox.
Eagle & Fox.
J. Northcote R.A pinx.t. J. Murphy sculp.t.
London Published Dec.r 9 1799 by James Daniell & Co, Great Charlotte Street, Blackfriars Road.
Mezzotint, printed in colours and hand-finished. 490 x 610mm (19¼ x 24"). Cracks to platemark, mounted on card at edges, some staining and scratching. Small margins. Slight crease.
An eagle perched on a rock ledge, a dead pheasant under its talon, in a showdown with a crouching fox.
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[Edward Jenner, M.D. F.R.S. &c.&c.
[Edward Jenner, M.D. F.R.S. &c.&c. From an original picture Painted by J. Northcote, for the Medical Society of Plymouth & Plymouth Dock.]
[Painted by J. Northcote R.A. Engraved by W. Say.]
[London Published Jan.y 1. 1803, by W Say. No 5. Quicksett Row, New Road, opposite Fitzroy Square..]
Fine mezzotint, very scarce proof before letters. 430 x 305mm (17 x 12"), large margins. Glued to backing sheet at corners.
A seated portrait of Edward Jenner (1749-1823), discoverer of vaccination. His hand flicks the pages of a book to a page 'Pustules of the Cow Pox in its successive stages'.
See NPG D19467 for the published state. Ex: Collection of The Hon. C. Lennox-Boyd.
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[Pair.] A Vegetable Market. [&] A Poultry Market.
[Pair.] A Vegetable Market. [&] A Poultry Market.
Painted by Ja.s Ward, Painter and Engraver to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. Engraved by W.m Ward. [&] Painted & Engraved by Ja.s Ward, Painter and Engraver to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales.
London: Pub. May 1. 1803, ny Wards & Co, No 6, Newman Street.
Pair of fine mezzotints, printed in colours and hand finished. Each 490 x 610mm, 19 x 24". Both trimmed close to plate at bottom. 'Vegetable' with small scratch; 'Poultry' witth a tiny hole in platemark.
A pair of fine mezzotints of markets, very rare as matching pair, both painted by James Ward (1769-1859), one engraved by him and one by his older brother, William (1762 - 1826).
Ex Collection of the Hon. Christopher Lennox-Boyd. See Frankau 303.
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To the British Navy, This Print representing The Battle of Navarino, is respectfully dedicated by the Publisher.
To the British Navy, This Print representing The Battle of Navarino, is respectfully dedicated by the Publisher.
Peint par C. Langlois. Commencé par S.W. Reynolds et Terminé par Sixdeniers.
London, Published by W.Spooner 259 Regent Street. à Paris chez Schroth, Editeur rué St Honoré Nos 363 bis. New York published by Bailly Ward & Co. Jeune.[n.d. c.1830.]
Mezzotint with stipple and etching. 610 x 800mm (24 x 31½"). Repaired tears.
A scene of the Battle of Navarino (20 October 1827), with the wreck of a ship in the foreground, with turkish sailors clinging to the wreckage, one in the centre stepping up onto the side over a gun-port, looking to the left.
Whitman 397.
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Book 3, Line 365.  Proof.
Book 3, Line 365. Proof. [The Courts of God]
Designed & Engraved by J. Martin Esq.r. Printed by Chatfield & Co.
London Published by Septimus Prowett, 23 Old Bond Street. 1825.
Rare proof mezzotint. 255 x 350mm (10 x 13¾"), with large margins. Small rust spot in lower right corner.
The Courts of God; A city, seen above an open court surrounded by colonnades, full of angels, with several in the foreground. Two are facing each other, playing harps. Fully lettered proof impression. From a series of prints illustrating John Milton's (1608-1674) 'Paradise Lost', first published in 1667, consisting of ten books with over ten thousand lines of verse. The poem concerns the Biblical story of the Fall of Man, the temptation of Adam and Eve by the fallen angel Satan and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Begun by early 1824, this series of engravings was the result of a comission from a little known American publisher Septimus Prowett, who approached Martin to produce mezzotint illustrations to accompany an issue of Milton's text. Prowett's publication was released in four different proof forms; this print is from the 'Imperial Folio Edition' but not bound up at publication time.
Balston 94. (a) 4. CW: 32
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A Tigress.
A Tigress.
Engraved by John Murphy by Permission of Mr. George Stubbs from the Picture Painted by himself and in his Possession.
London, Published July 27, 1798 by J. Murphy, North side Paddington Green.
Coloured mezzotint. Sheet 490 x 610mm (19¼ x 24"). Trimmed to platemark. Very slight hole above tiger's head.
A very rare mezzotint, probably engraved from the life-size portrait of the Royal Tiger in Stubbs's possession when he died. The painting had originally been engraved by John Dixon in 1772; however that mezzotint plate had been destroyed, so John Murphy was allowed to engrave a new plate. A beautifully-coloured example of one of the finest images produced in the history of mezzotint.
Lennox-Boyd 133: ii of ii.
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