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[Mothers and Children.]
[Mothers and Children.]
[After Lady Diana Beauclerk.]
[London, Pub.d by August 1, 1805 by R. Ackermann, No 101, Strand.
Oblong quarto, red half morocco with marbled boards, rubbed. "The Works of Lady Beauclerk" in pencil on front endpaper. 16 colour-printed stipples. Extremely rare and fine collection. Occasional tears to edges of plates, some spotting. Uncut.
Finely-printed stipples of women and children, with the occasional appearance of Cupid. Lady Diana Beauclerk (1734-1808), daughter of the 3rd Duke of Marlborough. She illustrated a number of literary productions, including Horace Walpole's tragedy 'The Mysterious Mother' and 'The Fables of John Dryden', and provided designs for Josiah Wedgwood's bas-reliefs on jasper ornaments.
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Image de la Beauté. [&] Leçon de Botanique.
Image de la Beauté. [&] Leçon de Botanique.
Schenau p. Chevillet f.
[A Paris : chez Wille] [n.d., c.1772.]
Pair of etchings, scarce scratch letter proofs before titles. Each 425 x 310mm (16¾ x 12¼"). Framed. Unexamined out of frames.
A pair of scenes of two finely-dressed mothers and their daughters framed by stone archways. In 'Beauté' the girl picks a bloom off a potted rose, a set of bagpipes on the window sill; in 'Botanique' the mother holds up a plant she has uprooted from an ornamental pot. Engraved by Juste Chevillet (1729-1802) after Johann Eleazar Schenau (1736-1806)
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Le Bouquet
Le Bouquet Pénétrez de respect et de reconnoissance, / Allez, Enfants chéris, recevoir des jou-joux [...]
C. Eisen Pinx. R. Gaillard sculp.
A Paris chés l'Auteur Rue S. Jacques au dessus des Jacobins entre un Peruquier et une Lingere [c.1770]
Fine engraving, sheet 390 x x 275mm (15 x 10½"). Trimmed to platemark; glued to album sheet at corners.
Children give a bouquet of flowers to their mother and receive toys in return. Engraving after a painting by Charles Eisen (1720-78), painter, draughtsman and illustrator. It was through his drawings, engraved to illustrate nearly 400 books, that Eisen's reputation was chiefly established. These included editions of Lucretius, Ovid, Tacitus, Virgil, Boccaccio, Ariosto, Erasmus and La Fontaine.
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Cornelia and her Children.
Cornelia and her Children.
Sir Joshua Reynolds Pinxt. Charles Wilkin Sculpt.
Published Jan: 2. 1792, by C. Wilkin, No. 12 Ranelagh Street Pimlico.
Stipple and etching, 505 x 390mm. 19¾ x 15¼". A fine impression, with full margins.
Lady Augusta Anne Cockburn (c.1749 - 1837), 2nd wife of Sir James Cockburn, Bart. (MP for Peebles), with her children. A parrot to right, pillar and curtains behind. Eight lines of tribute to left and right of title, in English and French. After Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723 - 1792).
Hamilton: pg.91, II of II.
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Connubial Happiness.
Connubial Happiness.
Painted by J. Northcote. Engraved by E.J. Dumee.
London publishd August 26, 1786; by J.R. Smith No:83: Oxford Street.
Rare stipple with etching printed in brown ink, first state with title in open capitals. 400 x 350mm, 15¾ x 13¾". Mint. Some very faint staining, else a fine impression with wide margins.
A scene of domestic harmony in an interior: a man, his wife and small child around a sofa. Picture on the wall behind, newspaper, and open book on table in foreground. After James Northcote (1746 - 1831).
Ex Collection: Christopher Lennox-Boyd, from Northcote Albums. See Slater p.287, unrecorded. Not in Frankau.
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The Golden Age.
The Golden Age.
Painted by B. West, Historical Painter to his Majesty. Engraved by V. Green, Engraver to his Majesty, and to the Elector Palatine.
Publish'd by J. Boydell, Engraver in Cheapside, June 1777.
Mezzotint. Platemark: 475 x 570mm (18¾ x 22¼"). Thread margins. Light creasing and rubbing to surface.
A domestic scene in a stylised Eastern setting. A mother is seen sitting to the front and sewing, watching her sleeping young child beside her. A cat sits in a basket below. An elderly couple, the man seated, are in the doorway to the right with a dog. A rural landscape can be seen beyond. Within an oval. For a pair, 'The Golden Age [&] The Silver Age', see item ref: 29074.
CS 159. Whitman: 203. Ex Collection: The Late Honourable Christopher Lennox-Boyd.
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Give me a Kiss. [&] I Will Have a Kiss!
Give me a Kiss. [&] I Will Have a Kiss!
Drawn by Adam Buck. Engraved by Piercy Roberts & J.C. Stadler.
London Published by William Holland. No.50, Oxford Street, March 10, 1800.
Scarce pair of aquatints, printed in colours and hand-finished. Sheets 395 x 310mm (15½ x 12¼") & 385 x 340mm (15¼ x 13½"). Trimmed within plates, edges nicked.
A child reaching up to her mother and a mother demanding a kiss from a struggling child.
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[A mother suckling a child.]
[A mother suckling a child.] Unsway'd by Fashion's dull unseemly jest, Still to the Bosom let your infance cling, There banquet oft, and ever welcome guest, Unblam'd inebriate at that Healthful Spring. Vide. Jerningham's Poem, II Latte.
R. Westall R.A. inv. T. Cheesman, sculp. Late Pupil to F. Bartolozzi R.A.
[Published March 20, 1794, by J.F. Tomkins, New Bond Street, London.]
A very fine coloured stipple with etching, framed. Plate 380 x 286mm. 15 x 11¼". Publication line covered by mount.
A mother suckling a child, with a vine visible outside the window to the right, the colour suggesting an Autumnal setting.
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