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Belshazzar gave a Party and provided for his friends /
Belshazzar gave a Party and provided for his friends / Women Wine and Music on which so much depends / They drank so many half-pints, They could not see at all / And ended up by Writing Nasty Things upon the Wall.
Chas. H. Eldridge.
[n.d., c.1930.]
Pencil & watercolour, heightened with gilt, on card. Card 275 x 380mm.
A scene satirising Belshazzar's Feast, from the Book of Daniel, with dancing girls and gluttony. However, instead of the word of God, the writing on the wall is graffitti, for example 'Bill Shazzer is an Ass'. 'Oodunit' (whodunit) entered the English language in the 1930s.
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[Boy dangling key whilst studying.]
[Boy dangling key whilst studying.]
Thomson delin. Easling sculp.
[n.d. c.1820.]
A fine mezzotint, printed in colour. Image 209 x 183mm. 8¼ x 7¼". Trimmed into the title area.
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The Dishabille.
The Dishabille.
Metzu pinxit. Ja.s Watson Sculp.
[n.d., c.1776.]
Mezzotint, scratched-letter proof. 330 x 230mm (13 x 9"). Small margins.
A woman in plain 17th century dress, including white cloth bonnet, fichu and apron, sitting before a mirror on her dressing table. The original painting by Gabriel Metsu, c.1665, is in the Harold Samuel collection of the Guildhall.
Ex collection of the Hon. Christopher Lennox-Boyd. BM 1861,1109.149, dated 'June 21 1776' in pencil. Goodwin: 179 iii of iii.
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Eaton in his Costume on the Colchester match.
Eaton in his Costume on the Colchester match. Aged 49 Years a native Northamptonshire, Performed the following Pedestrian Feats. 1st Decr.26.1815, compleated on Blackheath, 1100, miles, on the Barclay plan, viz. a mile every hour. 2d. July 20th, 1816, at the same place he walked 1100 miles, comencing each mile within 20 mintues after each hour. 3rd. Decr. 5th. 1816, on Brixton Causeway he accomplished 1998 half miles in 1998 succeeding half hours. 4th. June 18th.1817, this was a task of competitorship between Baker & himself on Wormwood Scrubs & which he accomplished in one hour less than the given time making 2000 miles in 42 days. 5th. Sept. 6th.1817, a grand match against time walking from Colchester to London one day & returning to Colchester the next & so on for 20 succeeding days, being 1020 miles.
[n.d. c.1820].
Coloured etching. 295 x 220mm (11½ x 8¾").
Pedestrian fl.1810 - 20.
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The Hon.ble Charles James Fox.
The Hon.ble Charles James Fox.
Painted by J.R. Smith, 1802. Engraved by S.W. Reynolds.
Plate of a Series of Portraits. Published by S.W. Reynolds, 47 Poland Street, London, 1802.
Mezzotint, sheet 645 x 460mm (25¼ x 18"). Trimmed to platemark; four repaired tears to title area. Collector's stamp of H.E. Bunbury (1778-860) verso.
Large full-length portrait of Charles James Fox (1749-1806), British Whig statesman, seated in his study, his left hand holding his specatacles and resting on a document about the Glorious Revolution ('Revolu [...] 1688') with a pamphlet titled 'Principles of the Whigs' nearby. This impression formerly owned by Sir Henry Edward Bunbury, seventh baronet (1778-1860), military officer and son of the prominent caricaturist Henry William Bunbury (1750-1811). In addition to a successful military career Bunbury collected fossils and old Italian manuscripts (he served in southern Italy and Sicily, 1805-9) and acquired a fine library and art collection. Bunbury's admiration for Fox was demonstrated by his decision to name one of his sons Charles James Fox Bunbury!
L.1305. Whitman: I of IV.
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Phenomene vivant.
Phenomene vivant. No.6.
Numo [signed in plate.] Lith. de Bernard, rue de l'Abbaye No.4.
Paris, chez Ledoyen, rue St. Jacques No.21. [n.d., c.1850.]
Hand coloured lithograph, sheet 335 x 275mm. 13¼ x 10¾". Small tears to extremities.
A young French woman walking in the street, a brightly coloured cloak covering her floral dress and a huge muff partially obscuring her face; she is accompanied by a man in top hat and long coat whose face is covered. For a series of caricatures following the activities of a young ballerina/singer or stage prodigy.
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The Great Plague of London.
The Great Plague of London.
[London: J.L. Marks, c.1835.]
Hand coloured woodcut with double outline border, sheet 200 x 150mm (8 x 6"). Trimmed to printed border and title.
Social satire; a tax collector knocks on the door of a townhouse, looking up at two grimacing occupants at the window above. By caricaturist J Lewis Marks (1814 - 1848; fl.).
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