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[Sir Mark Isambard Brunel.]
[Sir Mark Isambard Brunel.]
Painted by S. Drummond A.R.A. Engraved by J. Carter.
London. Published October 7th 1846. by Fred. Gwynne (late Colnaghi & Co.) Printseller and Publisher to the Royal Family, 23 Cockspur Street, Charing Cross.
Proof mezzotint on india, with Brunel's pencil signature on a pasted label under a typed lable. 545 x 405mm (21½ x 16"). Backing paper age-toned.
Portrait of Sir Marc Isambard Brunel [1769 - 1849], civil engineer, engraved from the portrait by Drummond (London, National Portrait Gallery). Brunel is surrounded by objects alluding to his profession and achievements, including a miner's lamp, cotton-winding machine and a model of a lighthouse. On the right is the Thames Tunnel: the portrait was painted c.1835, half-way through its construction. This mezzotint was published in 1846, three years after the tunnel was opened to the public. By this time Brunel's career was over, having been almost totally paralysed on his right side by a stroke in 1845.
Ex: Collection of The Hon. C. Lennox-Boyd.
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Florence Nightingale At Scutari.
Florence Nightingale At Scutari. A Mission Of Mercy.
Painted By Jerry Barrett. Engraved by Samuel Bellin.
Published By Thomas Agnew & Sons, Printsellers To Her Majesty The Queen, Exchange St. Manchester & Exchange Buildings, Liverpool. May 1st. 1861. Printed by J. Brooker.
Mixed method engraving, 665 x 930mm (26¼ x 36½"). Marginal tears, light spotting.
Florence Nightingale (1820 - 1910), reformer of hospital nursing and of the Army Medical Services kneeling on the ground and offering a cup to a wounded soldier lying on a stretcher. Many people are gathered round, including a man in oriental dress with two children. This scene at Scutari, called Üsküdar, a large and densely populated suburb of Istanbul, on the Anatolian shore of the Bosphorus right opposite the heart of the great city. Florence Nightingale reformed hospital nursing during the 19th Century. She trained as a sick nurse and was invited to take nurses out to tend the wounded in the Crimean War (1854). Her sanitary reforms there lessened cases of disease. She was subsequently consulted by foreign governments at war as an authority on hospital administration and sanitation. After Jerry Barrett's oil in the National Portrait Gallery titled 'Florence Nightingale Receiving the Wounded at Scutari — 1856 — The Mission of Mercy'. The following figures have been identified: Sir William Linton, (to the left of the archway); Sir Henry Knight Storks, (to his right); Alexis Benoit Soyer, (in white to Nightingale's left).
NPG: 4305.
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[The Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, MP.]
[The Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, MP.]
(Painted by John Everett Millais Engraved by Thomas Oldham Barlow) Signed in Pencil.
Published by Thos. Agnew & Son London, Liverpool & Manchester May 20th 1881. Entered According to an Act of Congress in 1881 Knoedler & Co. in the Office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington.
Proof mezzotint on chine collé, signed by the artist and engraver. 610 x 455mm (24 x 18"). Slight rubbed area centre left of subject.
William Ewart Gladstone (1809-98), Liberal Party politician, serving as Prime Minister four time between 1868 and 1894. The original painting by Sir John Everett Millais (1829-96) is in the National Portrait Gallery, London. Thomas Oldham Barlow (1824-89) was Millais’s friend and engraver of many of his pictures.
PSA, Vol.I: p.142.
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Richard Lander.
Richard Lander. The discoverer of the termination of the Niger, In his African Costume. Respectfully dedicated to the Committee and Subscribers to the Lander Column at Truro.
Painted by Wm. Brockedon, F.R.S. Engraved by C. Turner, A.R.A.
London, Published July 13 1835, by Colnaghi, Son & Co. Printsellers to their Majesties, Pall Mall East.
Proof mezzotint, platemark 355 x 255mm (14 x 10").
Richard Lemon Lander (1804 - 1834), traveller in Africa. After travels in the West Indies and work as a servant in London, Lander travelled to west Africa with the Scottish explorer Hugh Clapperton in 1825. They crossed the Niger, and after Clapperton's death in Sokoto, Lander returned to England. Dissatisfied with the menial job he had obtained at the customs' house in London, Lander undertook a second expedition to Africa with his brother John, to trace the source and course of the Niger. Sailing to Cape Coast (now in Ghana), they travelled to Bussa and sailed upstream as far as Yelwa. Heading downstream in canoes they were robbed and nearly killed by locals at Kerre, and at Igbo Ora they were imprisoned by the king and only released after payment of a large ranson. Eventually the Landers found that the river flowed into the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlandtic coast, rather than Lake Chad as many had thought. They arrived back in England in 1831 and their journal of the expedition were published the following year. In 1832 Lander led an unsuccessful expedition hoping to use the Niger as a trade route to open trade with the countries of central Africa. He was shot by middlemen who wanted European traders to remain on the coast and died on the island of Fernando Po (Bioko). Fine engraving after the portrait by Brockedon now in the National Portrait Gallery, London. The print was dedicated to subscribers to the memorial erected on Lemon Street in Lander's hometown of Truro, Cornwall in 1835, which collapsed the following year although its replacement is still standing.
For another portrait of Lander see ref. 22926; for a set of views along the Niger made from sketches by the Landers see ref. 37241; for Lander's grave on Fernando Po see ref. 14920.
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Nelson. Nelson Bronte [Facsimile left hand.]
Painted by Sir Will.m Beechey Portrait Painter to the Queen. Engraved by Will.m Say.
[London, Published Jan.y 9th. 1806. by the Engraver, No.92 Norton Street, Marylebone.]
Scarce mezzotint. Sheet 495 x 355mm (19½ x 14"). Trimmed close to plate on three sides, into inscription area losing publisher's line and description of the facsimile signature. Small damage top left in borders.
A three-quarter length portrait Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805), hero of the Battle of Trafalgar, published posthumously. The head-and-shoulders portrait by Beechey used as a basis for this print was commissioned by the City of Norwich in 1800; it is regarded as the most faithful likeness of him, and is now in the National Portrait Gallery.
Ex collection of the Hon Christopher Lennox-Boyd.
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William Shakespeare Obt. Ano. Dom: 1616. Aetat 53.
William Shakespeare Obt. Ano. Dom: 1616. Aetat 53. Shakespeare! such Thoughs inimitable shine, Drest in thy Words, thy Fancy seems Divine; 'Tis Natures Mirrour where she views each Grace, And all the various Features of Face. Done from the Original now in the Possession of Robert Keck of the Inner Temple Esq.r.
[after John Taylor.] Geo: Vertue Londini Sculpsit 1719.
Engraving, proof before publisher's address, very scarce in this state. Sheet 360 x 240mm (14¼ x 9½"). Trimmed and mounted in album sheet.
William Shakespeare (1564-1616), dramatist and poet, copied from the so-called 'Chandos portrait', the only one belived to be painted from life, attributed to John Taylor, painted c.1610. The painting, the first portrait acquired by the National Portrait Gallery, was first recorded on the death of Robert Keck, the year this print was engraved.
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