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View of the Great Fire in New-York. Dec.r 16th & 17th, 1835.
View of the Great Fire in New-York. Dec.r 16th & 17th, 1835. As Seen from the Top of The Bank of America Cor. of Wall & Wm St. [&] A View of the Ruins after the Great Fire in New-York. Dec.r 16th & 17th, 1835. As Seen from Exchange Place.
Painted by N. Calyo. Engraved by W.J. Bennett. [&] N. Calyo, Pinx.t. Eng.d by W.J. Bennett.
Published by L.P. Clover, New York. Entered According to Act of Congress in the Year 1836 by L.P. Clover in the office of the Southern District.
Pair of coloured aquatints. Sheets 495 x 650mm (19½ x 25½") & 495 x 660mm (19½ x 26"). Trimmed within plate mark, laid on board.
Two scenes of the catastrophic fire in New York by Nicolino Calyo, an Italian artist who had emigrated from Italy in 1834 and was an eyewitness to these events. The following day 'The Herald' wrote, with typical hyberbole: 'Talk not to us of the burning of Moscow - the property there lost, was nothing in comparison to that yesterday in New York. The great fire in London is equally unimportant [...] We state here, in the mass, that nearly twenty blocks of valuable buildings are destroyed - five hundred and twenty-nine rich stores [...] all involving a ruin of two thousand merchants, half a dozen of Insurance Companies-and turning out of employment probably five or eight thousand persons, in the capacity of clerks, porters, carmen, &c. &c. The value of the property is variously estimated at from fifteen to fifty millions of dollars'. When advertising these prints the publisher, Lewis P. Clover, the publisher, wrote: 'These beautiful ruins are fast disappearing, and in a few months no vestige of them will be left: in a few years, they will linger as a dream in the memory of the present generation, and the recollection of the most disastrous fire that ever befell this city will, like all earthly things, pass into oblivion'. These ruins include (Bank of America): the Fulton Insurance Company, the New York American building & The Merchants' Exchange; (Exchange Place) Old Garden Street Church.
The Herald:
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A View of Freetown, Sierra Leone,
A View of Freetown, Sierra Leone, Dedicated by permisson to the Right Hon.ble Lord Glenelg Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Colonies by Patrick Leigh Strachan Esq.r. Private Secretary to His Excellency Rich.d Doherty, Governor in Chief of the Western Coast of Africa &c. &c. &c.
Painted by W.J. Huggins. Marine Painter to His late Majesty Will.m IV form a sketch by P.L. Strachan, Esq.r. Engraved by F. Duncan.
Published for him at 105 Leadenhall Street, London. Sep.t 14th 1832.
Extremely scarce aquatint, printed in colours with fine hand finishing. Sheet size: 435 x 660mm (17¼ x 26"). Trimmed within plate.
A view of the port and colony of Freetown, Sierra Leone. The figures in the foregound depict, on the left, two Europeans conversing with a 'Mandingo man and a liberatred African woman', and in the centre 'Shebro woman, a Foulah man, and a Kroo man', inhabitants of Freetown. Buildings on the opposite shore in the distance include the church missionary house, a 'Liberated African Department Store', the military hospital, a number of barracks, and many others. A numbered key is inscribed below the image. From 1808 to 1874, Freetown served as the capital of British West Africa and as the base for the Royal Navy's West Africa Squadron, which was charged with enforcing the ban on the slave trade.
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Japan. Yokohama. [No. 20. Strasse in Jokohama.]
Japan. Yokohama. [No. 20. Strasse in Jokohama.]
E. Hildebrandt. [Chromofacsimilirt von R.Steinbock nach der Aquarelle aus der.Sammlung 'die Reise um die Erde'.]
[Verlag von R.Wagner, Berlin Zimmerstr. No.92/93.] [n.d., 1871-4)
Chromolithograph. Image size: 260 x 380mm (10¼ x 15"). Laid on card as issued.
A view in Yokohama, Japan, from a collection of chromolithographs after Hildebrandt's watercolours, published as 'die Reise um die Erde'. Edward Hildebrandt (1819-1869), travelled in the Americas in the 1840s and the Far East in the 1860s.
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