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Madame Davis.
Madame Davis.
P.Lely pinxit. R.Tompson excudit.
[n.d., c.1675.]
Mezzotint. 335 x 247mm (13¼ x 9¾"). Trimmed within plate and laid on separate sheet repaired tear right side.
Mary 'Moll' Davis, playing a guitar. An actress and mistress of Charles II, her child Mary Tudor (1673-1726) married the second Earl of Derwentwater.
CS: 11: ii of ii. Ex: Collection of The Hon. C. Lennox-Boyd.
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[The Flute Player.]
[The Flute Player.]
F. Hals Pinx.t. J.S. Negges fecit.
Cum Gratia et Privil. S.C.M. Acad. Fr. A.A.L.L. [Augsburg, c.1740.]
Rare mezzotint. Sheet 350 x 250mm (13¾ x 9¾"). Trimmed close to plate on all sides, crease in inscription area.
A half-length portrait of a young man playing a wooden flute, wearing a feathered cap and cloak. It was engraved by Johann Simon Negges (1726-92) after the painting by the Dutch painter Frans Hals (1585-1666), who is best known for the 'Laughing Cavalier'.
Ex: Collection of the Hon. Christopher Lennox-Boyd.
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The Humorous Fiddler
The Humorous Fiddler
London Printed for Spilsbury Engraver Map & Print Seller in Russell Court Covent Garden July 25 1767
Mezzotint, platemark 330 x 230mm (13 x 9"). Small margins. 'CL-B' collector's stamp verso.
Portrait reminiscent of Frans Hals, with a young man looking over his shoulder while playing the violin. Published by John Spilsbury (1739-69) .
Ex: collection of the Late Hon. C. Lennox-Boyd
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Lamia. Beauty and grace with sudden charms can bind / The wandring sense, and calm the troubled mind [...]
Drawn by J.G. Cipriani R.A. Engraved by F. Bartolozzi R.A. Engraver to His Majesty.
[London Published Decem.r 1786 by E.M. Diemar]
Stipple printed in sepia, sheet 320 x 255mm (12½ x 10"). Trimmed inside platemark, losing publication line; slight foxing.
Lamia, in ancient Greek mythology a beautiful queen of Libya who became a child-eating demon. Engraved by Francesco Bartolozzi (1725-1815), Florentine engraver and founding member of the Royal Academy in 1768. After meeting George III's librarian Richard Dalton in Italy in 1763, Dalton invited Bartolozzi to London with a promise of an appointment as engraver to the king. In England he became the most celebrated exponent of the 'stipple' technique whereby he produced prints using dots rather than lines. This is the medium employed here, one of many prints he made from designs by his fellow Italian, G.B. Cipriani (whose name is incorrectly given here as 'J.G. Cipriani').
De Vesme 435 v/v
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Morning Employments.
Morning Employments.
H.W. Bunbury Esq.r. Del.t. P.W. Tomkins Sculp.t.
London Published June 14 1784 by T. Macklin, No 59 Fleet Street & C. White Stafford Row Pimlico.
Fine stipple. 430 x 395mm (17 x 15½"). Framed. Unexamined out of frame.
Very decorative scene showing three women passing the time. One plays a spinet (a small harpsichord); the second works on an embroidery, watched by a small boy; and the third winds thread onto a bobbin. Although the spinet has the name 'Thomas Kirkman', the predominant makers of the period were Jacob Kirckman (anglicised to Kirkman), with his nephew Abraham and son Joseph .
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[Rosemond Mountain] Mrs Mountain.
[Rosemond Mountain] Mrs Mountain.
Buck delin. T. Cheesman sculp.t.
Published October 1st 1804, by William Holland, No.11, Cockspur Street, London Of whom may be had the companion prints Miss Bloomfield and Mis Waddy.
Fine stipple. 305 x 220mm (12 x 8¾"). Repaired tears in very large margins.
Rosemond Mountain (née Wilkinson, c.1768-1841), an actress said to be the best female singer of the time, three-quarter-length with guitar.
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Le Charme de la Musique.
Le Charme de la Musique. D'Après le Tableau Original qui est dans le Cabinet de M. De Damery, Chevalier de l'Ordre Royal Militaire de S. Louis.
Peint par de la Hyre. Gravé par Chevillet.
A Paris chez Wille, Graveur du Roi, Quai des Augustines.
Engraving. 420 x 310mm (16½ x 12¼") A little surface wear on edges, faint crease.
A woman playing a lute, sheet music on the table before her. Probably after Laurent de la Hyre (1606-58).
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The Musical Lady.
The Musical Lady. From the Original Picture, in the Collection of his Royal Highness the Prince of Orange [...]
Metzu Pinxit. James Watson Sculpsit.
Published April 8th 1777 by John Boydell, Engraver in Cheapside London.
Fine mezzotint, platemark 460 x 330mm (18 x 13"), with very large margins. Two tears in margins.
A woman sits at a table with a quill and paper, while a young man looks over at her and another woman plays the lute. In an interior with artworks on the wall and a lapdog in foreground. Mezzotint of Gabriel Metsu's (1629-67) 'A Young Woman Composing a Piece of Music' (c.1662-3, The Hague, Mauritshuis). The painting was in the collection of William V, Prince of Orange at the time this print was published by John Boydell.
Goodwin 180.ii
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[Boy with violin.]
[Boy with violin.]
[Engraved by James McArdell after Frans Hals.]
[n.d., c.1760.]
Very fine mezzotint, proof before letters. 480 x 320mm, 19 x 12½".
A young boy with a violin.
Not mentioned in Whitman.
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