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A View of Frost Fair, on The Thames, February 1814.
A View of Frost Fair, on The Thames, February 1814. The Year 1814 will be long remembered for the severe frosts and heavy falls of snow with which it commenced, and by which the rivers were rendered innavigable, and the public roads for several days impassable. At the beginning of February the river was completely blocked with ice, between London and Blackfriars Bridges, where a fair was kept, 3 or 4 days, with booths, swings, skittles, presses printing tickets in commemoration &c. &c.
Published by T. Batchelar, 115, Long Alley, Moorfields. [1814.]
Woodcut. Sheet: 550 x 440mm (21¾ x 17¼"), with very large margins. Creasing, slight crinkling in title and surface dirt.
A very good impression of this rare image showing the various activities taking place on the frozen Thames. Groups of figures crowd around tents selling food, drink, people play in swings, play skittles and ride horses while lots of figures are showing slipping on or falling in the ice.
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Vuë de la Ville de la Haye en Hollande, 1760.
Vuë de la Ville de la Haye en Hollande, 1760.
A Paris chez Mondhard rue S. Jacques à l'Hotel Sammur.
Coloured etching, 18th century watermark. 240 x 410mm (9½ x 16"). Trimmed to image at top, re-margined with old paper, repaired tear.
A winter's scene, with men playing 'Colf', a fore-runner of golf, on the ice. The Hague is in the background, two windmills to the right.
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[A pack of hounds around a camp fire in a snowy wood.]
[A pack of hounds around a camp fire in a snowy wood.]
[illegible signature.]
[n.d., c.1880.]
Photogravure, fine colour. Image 580 x 420mm (22¾ x 16½"). Surface cracks & creases in image.
Unidentified European hunting dogs.
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London Fashions for the Winter of 1831.
London Fashions for the Winter of 1831.
Published and Sold by G. Walker, 20, Southampton Street, Holborn.
Very scarce hand-coloured lithograph. Sheet: 610 x 540mm (24 x 21¼"). Slight mount burn. Repaired vertical tear from top edge to centre.
A large fashion plate showing the various fashions in men's and boy's clothing at the end of 1831. The plate is divided into two halves, the bottom showing outer and domestic urban wear while the top shows formal wear and country sportswear. The functional sportswear devleoped in England for the country gentleman, as shown in the top right corner, used wool which could be easily tailored. This new form of tailcoat crossed the divide between urban and country fashion due to its functionality and style. It is at this stage that styles from London start to challenge Paris' leadership and Mayfair becomes the heart of men's fashion.
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Ice Castle, Montreal.
Ice Castle, Montreal.
A very rare coloured lithograph, snow-effect glitter. 514 x 819mm. 20¼ x 32¼". Small tear into upper and lower edge; creasing to right. Cut to image.
In the 1880s, the Montreal Amateur Atheletic Association organised the famous annual Montreal Winter Carnival, which featured a temporary 'ice castle', which would be stormed in a mock attack.
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L'Hyver. Gravé d'Aprés le Tableau original Peint en ovale par Watteau, Chez Mr Crozat, haut de 4 pieds 5 pouces, sur 3 pieds 9 Pounces de large.
Watteau pinx. J.Audran Sculp.
A Paris avec privilege du Roi. [n.d., c.1730.]
Fine copper engraving. 450 x 330mm, 17¾ x 13". Repaired tear entering image at top.
An allegorical scene of winter, engraved by Benoit Audran after Jean-Antoine Watteau. A man sits warming his hands at a camp fire, with cherubs etc. blowing behind him.
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[Elements of Skating.
[Elements of Skating. The Consequence of going before the Wind. [&] Attitude! _ttitude is every thing. [&] Making the Most of a Passing Friend in a case of Emergency. [&] A Fundamental Error in the Art of Skaiting.
[after James Gillray?]
Set of four etchings with fine colour. 274 x 406mm (10¾ x 16"), paper watermarked 1809.
An elderly man, holding his umbrella in front of him to form a sail, cannonades into another skater, who falls, the apex of the umbrella entering his mouth, while his foot strikes the stomach of the aggressor. The ice cracks beneath them. The latter wears wrinkled ankle-boots. In the background, a man falls forward, his umbrella and hat torn from him by a gust, whose strength is indicated by a wind-swept. [&] Two skaters strike attitudes in the foreground. One, with hands on hips, describes a curve with one foot, the other foot being held out stiffly. He looks aggressively towards the other, a younger man who bends his knees, arms extended, and grins at his rival. The former wears a spencer over a short coat, the latter a tail coat; both wear Hessian boots, but those of the latter, who is more fashionably dressed, reach to the knee and are tasselled. Both hold sticks. In the background, a pair of men with folded arms skate back to back in doing a figure of eight; a third skates forward fast with hands on hips. The scene is a lake in a snow-covered landscape. [&] A man who is falling through the ice clutches desperately at the leg of a passing skater so as to drag him towards the hole he has made. [&] One man falls violently, arms and legs in the air; he brings the ferrule of his stick heavily down on the eye of a neighbour who has just landed on his posterior, his legs and arms extended. In the background three other skaters have fallen, and lie or sit, legs in the air.
BM Satires 10475A; 10474A; 10477A; 10476A.
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Sleighing in North America.
Sleighing in North America.
H. Alken [ms]
London, Pub.d 1844 by J.W. Laird, 1 Leadenhall St.
Aqautint with hand-colouring, rare, platemark 250 x 325mm (9¾ x 12¾"). Repairs.
Sleighing scene by Henry Thomas Alken (1785-1851), one of a famous family of painters and engravers. Beginning in 1813, Henry designed prints for London's leading sporting printsellers, specializing in field sports and coaching scenes. While Alken occasionally provided illustrations for travel books (including one on Rio de Janeiro), this American scene is an oddity in his work as a whole.
Not in Abbey
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