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[Two women reading a letter]
[Two women reading a letter]
Gerars pinx. van Somer f.
F. de Wit Excudit
Mezzotint with small margins, very scarce, platemark 265 x 220mm (10½ x 8¾"). Staining at bottom; fine impression.
Two women reading a letter, while a man, woman, and dog observe. After a painting by G.P. van Zijl, which had previously been engraved by Wallerant Vaillant.
Ex: Collection of the Late Hon. C. Lennox-Boyd. Holl: 48
[Ref: 34657]   £350.00  
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[A Singing Lesson.]
[A Singing Lesson.]
[Painted by Gerard van Zyl. Engraved by Jan van Somer.]
Mezzotint, 260 x 215mm. 10¼ x 8½". Very fine.
After Gerard Pietersz van Zyl (1607 - 1665). Scarce.
Ex: Collection of The Hon. C. Lennox-Boyd.
[Ref: 10836]   £580.00  

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[Two men seated at a table.]
[Two men seated at a table.]
Terburg, Pinx. Van Somer, fec. [lower left of image.]
F. de Wit Exc. [lower centre of image.]
Mezzotint, scarce, 265 x 220mm (10½ x 8½"). Cut to image.
A man sits disconsolately at a table, absent-mindedly toying with his snuffbox, with a friend looking at him across the table and a standing figure holding a straw-covered wine bottle. Engraved by Dutch mezzotinter Jan van Somer (c.1645-99) after Gerard Ter Borch's 'Scene at an Inn' (c. 1648/50, private collection). Unusually, Van Somer also made another print of the same scene, but in reverse. It has been said of the painting from which this print derives that 'no painting in Ter Borch's oeuvre conveys with such overwhelming power the emotion of loneliness and despair'. The model for the seated figure on the right was a member of the Spanish delegation to Munster for the signing of the 1648 treaty which made the United Netherlands independent from Spain. The same sitter appears in Ter Borch's famous painting of the ratification of that treaty.
Hollstein: 62; for the painting see 'Gerard ter Borch' (NGA, Washington, 2005, cat.15).
[Ref: 23133]   £220.00  
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[Head of a woman]
[Head of a woman]
IVS [Jan van Somer, top left]
[n.d., c.1680.]
Mezzotint, sheet 125 x 120mm (5 x 4¾"). Trimmed to plate; damage in centre.
Very pretty & early mezzotint by Jan van Somer (fl.1660-87), who was said by George Vertue to have been one of the most prolific, albeit usually anonymous, of 17th century mezzotinters working in London. Hardly any information about him survives.
Hollstein 183; Ex: Collection of the Late Hon. C. Lennox-Boyd
[Ref: 34666]   £460.00  
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