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Le Dedomagement de l'Absence.
Le Dedomagement de l'Absence. Quel que soit le motif qui cause ton absence...[etc.]
Schenau Peintre de S.A.E. de Saxe. Grave par Vidal 1770.
A Paris chez J. Francois Chereau, rue St. Jacques, aux 2, Piliers d'Or, Et ches l'Auteur rue St. Hyacinthe, au dessus de la Place St. Michel, maison d'un Foureur [c.1770].
Etching and engraving, 500 x 360mm. 19¾ x 14¼".
A lady receives a letter from her absent husband at her dressing table; her two children to left. A statuette of cupid drawing his bow stands on the mantlepiece behind her. After Johann Eleazar Schenau (1737 - 1806), painter and etcher born in Saxony who trained in Dresden, went to Paris 1756-70. He returned to Dresden as a member of the Academy, professor there in 1774. Director of the Meissen drawing school together with G B Casanova 1776, on his own from 1795.
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