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Lord Anson.
Lord Anson. The renowned George Lord Anson, one of our most enterprizing and successful circumnavigators, and heroick British admirals, was the son of William Anson, Esq. of Huckborough, in Staffordshire...It has been pleasantly remarked of this great man, who was not unfrequently duped at play, that "he had been round world, but never in it".
From Houbraken. Rothwell sculp.
Published by Harrison & Co. April 1. 1795.
Engraving and letterpress. Plate of image 63 x 58mm (2½ x 2¼"); printed area 185 x 89mm (7¼ x 3½").
George Anson (1697-1762), admiral and naval reformer. From 1740 to 1744 he sailed around the world attacking the Spanish in the Pacific, burning Payta in Peru, and capturing the Manila galleon with a treasure of half a million pounds. He was twice Lord of the Admiralty from 1751-6 and again from 1757-62.
NPG: D38589.
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Sir Francis Drake.
Sir Francis Drake. This early and distinguished circumnavigator, one of the most celebrated heroes who flourished in the brilliant reign of Queen Elizabeth, was born in the year 1545, near the town of Tavistock, in the county of Devon...After rendering to his country the most eminent service as well by his bravery as by his skill; and while still busily engaged in promoting it's welfare, he died in the West Indies, on board his own ship. about the beginning of 1596, being in his fifty-first year.
From Houbraken. Rothwell Sculpt.
Printed by Harrison & Co. Oct.r 1.1794.
Engraving and letterpress. Plate of image 70 x 64mm (2¾ x 2½"); printed area 190 x 89mm (7½ x 3½"). Repaired worm hole.
Sir Francis Drake (1540-1596) the most famous of all English seafarers. Drake earned his fame and fortune through his skilful seamanship and outstandindingly successful piracy. His circumnavigation of the globe from 1577-81 involved a number of very profitable raids on Spanish ships and ports. His increasingly frequent and serious attacks during the 1580s were an important factor contributing to Philip II's decision to launch the Armada against English in 1588. Drake served as vice-admiral of the English fleet which defeated the Armada.
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Hospital For The Maintenance And Education Of Exposed And Deserted Young Children.
Hospital For The Maintenance And Education Of Exposed And Deserted Young Children.
Stothard RA del. Rothwell fc.
[n.d., c.1820.]
Two bound letterpress broadsheets, large 4to (320 x 235mm, 12½ x 9¼"), with engraved vignette on overlaid india paper.
The text exhorts 'graduates' leaving London's Foundling Hospital to lead a virtuous and industrious life. The allegorical vignette shows Charity standing in the centre embracing infants, Faith seated at right reading from a bible, and Hope standing with anchor at left. A banner which reads "But the greatest of these in Charity" is supported by two putti above. After Thomas Stothard (1755 - 1834). The Foundling Hospital was founded in 1739 in London, north of Great Ormond Street and west of Gray's Inn Lane, by the philanthropic sea captain Thomas Coram. It was a children's home established for the 'education and maintenance of exposed and deserted young children.'
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The Monthly Banquet of Apollo.
The Monthly Banquet of Apollo. Containing, Songs, Duets, Trios, Rondeaus, Canzonets, Catches, Glees, &c. All Composed by Mr. Hook. And Never Before Published.
Jones. script. et sculpsit.
London: Printed for Harrison & Co. No.18, Paternoster Row. MDCC XCVI [1796]. Published as the Act directs Decr. 1, 1795.
Engraved titlepage with etching, 200 x 150mm. 8 x 6".
The etched vignette shows two classical female figures, one playing a lyre, inscribed 'Rothwell, sculpsit'.
British Library: 004419944.
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Peter the Great.
Peter the Great. The life of this singular sovereign has more the air of ancient romance than of authentick history. He was the son of the Czar Alexis Michaelowits, by his second wife, and born of the 30th of May 1672...He died January 28, 1725; at the age of fifty-three. The Czar wrote several productions on the subject of naval affairs; and his name must therefore be added to the short catalogue of Royal Authors.
Sir G. Kneller Pin.t Rothwell Sculp.
Publish'd by Harrison & Co. Dec.r 1.1794.
Engraving. Printed area 184 x 90mm (7¼ x 3½"). Cut, damaged on left.
Pyotr Alexeyevich Romanov (1672-1725), tsar of Russia and founder of St Petersburg.
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Southwark Bridge.
Southwark Bridge.
Engraved by P. Rothwell from an original Drawing by I. Hassell.
[n.d., c.1820.]
Engraving. 1819 watermark. Sheet: 230 x 425mm (9 x 16¾"). Trimmed.
A view of Southwark Bridge over the bridge in London showing various figures on boats, the Monument can be seen in the distance.
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