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Fig. 4. Tom I. [in ink.]
Fig. 4. Tom I. [in ink.]
Joann Joseph Waldtman del: Joann Ulrich Kraus Scul:
[n.d. c.1657.]
Engraving. 355 xx 226mm. 14 x 8¾". Spotting. Wormhole.
One of 26 plates illustrating the numerous campaigns, military and diplomatic, of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, against Turkey, which had invaded Hungary, and against France in 1700 at the time of the Spanish Succession. From: [Roncaglia] Admirabilis efectos de la Providencia sucedidos en la vida, e imperio de Leopoldo invictissimo primero emperador de Romanos, reduzelos has anal historicos la verdad. 1734. 3 Vols.
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