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[Frederick II] Serenissimo Principi Hoereditario Regni Borussiae.
[Frederick II] Serenissimo Principi Hoereditario Regni Borussiae. Friderico Guilielmo. Maxima Reverentia, dat, dictat, dedicat Julius Fridericus Knuppeln. Sedino Pomeranus. Doctor Juris et Philosophiae.
Franke pinx. Cl. Kohl fc. Viennae 1792.
Engraving, 380 x 225mm (15 x 9½"), with large margins. Repaired tear in left title.
Half portrait of Frederick II, (the great) King of Prussia (1712-86) wearing a tricorne hat and coat with decoration on the chest. Within an oval frame wreathed with oak leaves, acorns and ribon; set on a pedestal covered in objects: map, sword, plumed helmet, monocular scope or baton, books, a mirror and a portrait of a woman. The pedestal has the text 'Immortalis, Civis Nomen Ubique. Fridericus Secundus. Borussorum Rex. Triumphs Caesar. Imperio Traianus. Vita Antoninus. In Republica Gerenda Vespasianus. Philosophia Aurelius Regum Exemplum. Sine Exemplo Maximus. Unicus In Terris.'
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