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[engraved by Pieter van den Keere.]
[London: George Humble, c.1627.]
Engraved map. 90 x 120mm (3½ x 4¾"). Trimmed within plate at bottom, a little surface soiling at bottom edge, mounted on album paper on left. Very small tear bottom centre.
A miniature map of Middlesex, engraved by Pieter van den Keere sometime after 1599 but first published in a county atlas by Willem Blaeu in 1617. In 1627 the maps were published with English titles engraved instead of the Latin ones, in a miniature atlas, ''England Wales Scotland and Ireland Described and Abridged With ye Historie Relation of things worthy memory''. Although the maps were engraved before John Speed's atlas, the maps gained the nickname 'miniature Speeds' because Humble (son of Speed's original publisher) used an abridged version of Speed's text for the miniature atlas.
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Baixos de Iudia.
Baixos de Iudia. 669.
Barent Langenes [Amsterdam, 1612].
Engraving with letterpress on reverse. 80 x 115mm (3 x 4½"). Toning and water stain. Small hole in bottom left margin.
A scene depicting the shipwreck of the Portuguese ship 'Santiago' between Mozambique and Madagascar in 1585. Giant lobsters can be seen attacking the shipwrecked sailors while some can be seen escaping in life boats in the background. Fifty survivors reached Mozambique. The plate was engraved by Pieter van den Keere for the 1598 'Caert-Thresoor', published by Barent Langenes with a text by an unknown author.
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The Turkish Empire.
The Turkish Empire.
P. Kærius Cælavit.
[London, William Humble, c.1646.]
Engraved map with an English text on verso. Coloured. 85 x 125mm, 3¼ x 5". Repair in margin, slight time staining.
Map of the Turkish Empire, showing Italy, the Black Sea, a mis-shapen Caspian, Arabia, Egypt and eastern Libya. It was engraved by Pieter van den Keere and used in the minature version of John Speed's atlas, earning the map the nickname of 'miniature Speed'.
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The Iles of Hebrides ther borderers.
The Iles of Hebrides ther borderers.
Petrus Kærius Cælavit.
[London, George Humble, c.1627.]
Engraved map. 90 x 125mm, 3½ x 5".
A miniature map of western Scotland, orientated with north to the right. Although it is commonly referred to as a 'miniature Speed', this map in fact pre-dates Speed's atlas, having been engraved in 1599 for a Dutch edition of Camden's 'Britannia'. Later the copper plates were sold to George Humble, the London publisher, who had the original Latin titles of the maps replaced with English ones, albeit rather crudely phrased, as this one, and plate numbers added. He published the miniature alongside the folio Speed atlases from 1627, forever linking the two. The engraver, Pieter van den Keere (1571-1646), had a long career: he was still engraving maps at 74, nearly fifty years after he engraved this map.
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Ultoniae Orientalis Pars.
Ultoniae Orientalis Pars.
[engraved by Pieter van den Keere after Gerard Mercator.]
[Amsterdam: Jan Jansson van Waesberge, 1673.]
Engraved map with hand colour. 190 x 260mm (7½ x 10¼"), with large margins.
A map of eastern Ulster from Jan Cloppenburg's edition of the Mercator 'Atlas Minor', the largest of the pocket-size versions. First published in 1630 the plates were suppressed for many years before resurfacing for this last edition.
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